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Berchmans IT Division

The College computer network is about 1.5km length connecting around 200 PCs. For internet connection, we use BSNL’s Broad Band network of band width 250 Mbps and ASIANET’s 50 Mbps. We have three servers, one web server and two internet servers. Linways is used for College automation. Software named Acado, which provides a web-based solution to our institution, incorporates in addition to an E learning Platform, Digital Library, Effective Collaboration and Groupware tools and communication tools. Nirmal OPAC Plus is used for Library automation works. Our Software Centre has developed College Information Management System, which is a web-based solution, providing complete information of the College community. We use Linux as well as Windows Operating Systems for our network. We also develop software for office automation and accounting. There are three major computer labs, five department labs, a language lab, a digital library and an internet cafe – ‘Berchnet’.