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The department of English has been part of the tradition of St Berchmans since its inception. It became a full-fledged department when BA English was started in 1964. MA English Language and Literature was started in 1967. The elevation of the Department as a Research Centre in 1986 was a landmark in its history. In 2001, Model II BA English (Vocational) with a specialisation in Copy Editing was granted affiliation. The program was restructured in 2006 as BA English - Model II - Vocational (Journalism). Over these years our students have shown excellent performance, earning a great reputation for the College and the Department. Our alumni have distinguished themselves in all walks of life - Civil Service, Journalism, Academics, Ecclesiastics, and Public life.

UG Programme

  • B A English Language and Literature
  • B A English (Model II – Vocational – Journalism)

PG Programme

  • M A English Language and Literature

Doctoral Programme

  • Ph.D. in English

Add-on Course

  • Learn English Through Films
  • Explore the World of Media With Experts

Mr. Josy Joseph

Associate Professor

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Dr. Benny Mathew

Associate Professor

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Dr. Raju Sebastian

Associate Professor & Head

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Fr. Jose Jacob

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Teddy C Anthappai

Associate Professor & Vice Principal

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Mr. Anish K Joseph

Assistant Professor

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Mr. Nithin Varghese

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Vimal Mohan John

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Binny Mathew

Assistant Professor

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Mr. Amal Toms

Assistant Professor

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Mr. Jerin B Sebastian

Assistant Professor

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Dr.Neville Thomas

Assistant Professor

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  • The Shakespeare Theatre

    The Shakespeare Theatre is one of the unique features of our Department. It was started in 1937 with the performance of Macbeth under the direction of the then Head of the Department and pioneering Malayalam critic Prof M P Paul. Since then the theatre has been presenting full length productions of Shakespeare plays more or less regularly. We have had twenty one productions so far.

    Year Play Director(s)
    1937 Macbeth Prof M P Paul
    1947 Macbeth Prof M P Paul
    1951 The Merchant of Venice Prof C A Sheppard
    1952 The Merchant of Venice Prof K J Francis
    1952 King Lear Prof C A Sheppard
    1953 Hamlet Prof C A Sheppard
    1961 King Lear Prof C A Sheppard
    1964 Othello Prof A E Augustine
    1965 Othello Prof A E Augustine
    1969 Macbeth Prof A E Agustine and Prof K J John
    1971 Macbeth Prof A E Agustine and Prof K J John
    1983 The Merchant of Venice Prof A E Agustine
    1986 Macbeth Prof K V Joseph and Prof C C Thomas
    1989 Julius Caesar Prof K V Joseph
    1991 Othello Prof K V Joseph
    1994 Romeo and Juliet Prof C C Thomas
    1997 Antony and Cleopatra Prof C C Thomas
    1999 Hamlet Prof C C Thomas
    2007 Macbeth Mr Gigy Joseph
    2011 The Tempest Dr Gigy Joseph
    2018 Henry IV Part I Dr Vimal Mohan John

    Shakespeare Theatre – St Berchmans College


  • Modern Theatre

    On 15 February 2018, the long cherished dream of a fully-fledged modern theatre, similar to the Shakespeare Theatre of the college, finally came to fruition. The occasion was the golden jubilee celebration of the postgraduate program in English, which was a significant milestone for the college. Dr Sabu Joseph, during his headship, initiated the establishment of the modern theatre. The first production showcased in the modern theatre was T. S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral, directed by Nithin Varghese.

    Year Play Director(s)
    2018 Murder in the Cathedral Nithin Varghese

  • The Department Library

  • Burning Cauldron-The English Debate Club

  • The English Association

    The English Association is active in organizing a variety of programmes intended to develop the talents of the students.

  • XpressionZ: Annual Inter-collegiate Literary Fest

  • Prof C A Sheppard Memorial Lecture

    Sl No Year Speaker Title
    1 1988 Dr U R Ananthamoorthy W B Yeats’ Poetry
    2 1989 Prof Narayanan Nambiar The Tempest
    3 1990 Rev Dr C A Abraham The Theme of Love in Shakespeare
    4 1991 Prof G Kumara Pillai G M Hopkins’ Poetry
    5 1992 Prof K M Chandy English Studies in India
    6 1993 Prof Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri The Irish Voice of W B Yeats
    7 1994 Prof A E Augustine A Sense of English
    8 1995 Rev Dr Ninan Tharakan Writing Poetry in English: A Writer’s Perspective
    9 1996 Dr C P Sivadasan Trends in Modern Criticism
    10 1997 Dr R Viswanathan Modern Trends in American Drama
    11 1998 Dr James A Brigham Bringing Home the Ashes: An Introduction to Lawrence Durrell
    12 1999 Prof C Thomas Abraham T S Eliot’s Social Vision
    13 2000 Dr Jacob George Hamlet: Spatial Structure and Theme
    14 2001 Dr Abraham Karickom Indian Aesthetics
    15 2002 Dr K Ayyappa Panicker Eastern Aesthetics
    16 2003 Prof T R S Iyer Word and Meaning: Eastern and Western Perspectives
    17 2004 Dr K Narayan Chandran English in India: Its Social Life
    18 2005 Dr A Joseph Dorairaj The Death of the Author: Literary and Philosophical Perspectives
    19 2006 Dr M S Nagarajan Feminist Literary Theories
    20 2007 Most Rev Dr Yakob Mar Irenaios English Language Teaching in India: Purposes and Paradoxes
    21 2008 Dr Scaria Zacharia Literary Studies  Today: New Paradigms
    22 2009 Dr Prafulla C Kar New Contexts of Modernity
    23 2010 Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak Speaking for the Humanities
    24 2011 Dr P P Raveendran World Literature: Concept and Concerns
    25 2012 Akeel Bilgrami Romanticism, Philosophy and Politics
    26 2013 Arjun Appadurai Cinematic Dreams and the Politics of the Real in Contemporary India
    27 2014 David Bromwich The Romantic Sublime
    28 2015 Richard Schechner Deconstructing Texts in the Performance Work of Richard Schechner
    29 2016 Nissim Mannathukkaren Being Modern in 21st Century in Kerala
    30 2020 Laura Mulvey Layering Film and Layering Time: Recovering Women’s Stories of Marginalization and Loss
    31 2020 Toril Moi Wittgenstein and Literary Criticism: A New Direction in Literary Studies
    32 2021 Prof Homi K Bhabha Humanities in the Time of the Pandemic
    33 2021 Prof Stanley Fish Speaking in Code: Why Textualism is a Non-Starter
    34 2021 Noam Chomsky Reflections on Language and Thought
    35 2022 Prof Dipesh Chakrabarty, Planetarity, an aspect of  being human today

  • Prof George Thomas Memorial Media Seminar

    2018 The Role of Investigative Journalism in Malayalam Visual Media
    Mr Joshy Kurian (Media Professional, Asianet News Network)

    Public Relations and Advertising in Contemporary India
    Mr Govindapillai Sreekumar, Former Public Relations Officer,
    Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam

    Contemporary Malayalam Print Journalism and Its Political Perspectives
    Dr Paul Manalil (Former Director, Kerala State Institute of Children’s Literature
    and Former Assistant Editor, Malayala Manorama)
    2017 Democratic Values and Mass Media
    Mr Sunnykutty Abraham (Journalist, Writer, Political Analyst)

    Media Culture in Kerala: Challenges and Opportunities
    Mr M G Radhakrishnan (Editor-in-chief, Asianet News)

  • Prof. K T Sebastian Scholar in Residence Programme

    1. 2020: Prof Akeel Bilgrami (Sidney Morgenbesser Professor of Philosophy Columbia University, New York)
    2. 2021: Prof Jacqueline Rose (Professor of Humanities and Co-Director, Birkbeck Institute of Humanities)
    3. 2022: Prof Dipesh Chakrabarty (Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor in History, University of Chicago)

  • Identity, Marginality and the People : Reflections on Heidegger and Politics | Dr. Adam Knowles

  • The Problem of Identity Poetics | Dr. David mason

  • Literature from Below: Dalit Literary Cultures of South India and Kerala | Dr. Ajay S Sekher

  • Rasa and Dhvani in Indian Poetics : Some Reflections | Mr. Nithin Varghese

  • Disability Social Inequality and Structural Injustice | Jonathan Wolff

  • Contemplating Ecoprecarity during the Coronavirus Pandemic: The Convergence of the medical Humanities and Ecocriticism | Scott Slovic

  • Literature and Animal Studies| Laura Wright

  • Reflections on a Feminist- vegan Critical Theory |carol J Adams

  • Literary Theory and Musical Thinking | Prof. Christopher Norris

  • On Continent Aflame | Prof. Raimond Gaita

  • Realisms and Modernities | Dr. Sophie Vlacos

  • Breaking silence on transphobia together: resisting supporting and healing | Ms. Kalki Subramaniam

  • Emerging Areas of Research in the 21st Century | Sanil V | International Workshop on Research in the Humanities in Twenty First Century

  • Head in the clouds | Esther Leslie

  • Prof Jonathan Culler | Keats 's Lyric Poetry | Bicentenary Lecture 2

  • Prof David Bromwich | "John Keats (1821-2021):Remarks and a Reading" |Bicentenary Lecture I

  • 32nd C A Sheppard Memorial Lecture 2021 | Prof Homi K Bhabha |Humanities in the Time of Pandemic

  • Postcolonial Theory Today | Bill Ashcroft

  • Derrida and Deconstruction | Christopher Norris | Session 1

  • Derrida and Deconstruction | Christopher Norris | Session 2

  • Ecocriticism in the time of Covid 19 | Scott Solvic

  • Trauma, Language and Survival | Cathy Caruth

  • Postcolonial Theory Today | Bill Ashcroft

  • Derrida and Deconstruction | Christopher Norris | Session 4

  • Derrida and Deconstruction | Christopher Norris | Session 3

  • Prof Akeel Bilgrami | Art and The Secular | SB College | Department Of English

  • Kant and Critical Philosophy | Prof. Sanil V

  • Prof Akeel Bilgrami | Nature, Value and Politics | SB College | Department of English

  • Prof K T Sebastian Scholar in Residence Programme Inauguration and Remembering Prof K T Sebastian

  • Hermeneutics | Prof. Joseph A Dorairaj

  • Counter-Enlightenment | Dr.Bina Gogineni

  • Phenomenology | Dr. Robin E J

  • Classical Philosophy | Dr. Thomas Padiyath

  • Deconstruction | Dr. Gasper Albey

  • Philosophy and Theory

  • Laura Mulvey | C A Sheppard Memorial Lecture | Department of English | ST Berchmans College

  • International seminar on cinema | Dr C S Jayaram

  • Free and Unfree, The State of Media in India Today | Siddharth Varadarajan