Student Support Programs

Supporting Programs

Mentoring Department

Every student will be assigned to a particular teacher who will be his/her mentor. The student in his/her turn should trust the mentor and be guided by him. The mentor will be the local guardian on the campus. Any certificate required by a student shall be issued only after being recommended by the mentor. It is hoped that this arrangement will strengthen the teacher-student relationship.


Berchmans Defence Academy (BEDA) is a Defence Services preparatory training academy conceptualised and run by the prestigious St. Berchmans (SB) College. The BEDA wing of SB College is headed by two experienced military officers serving as the Directors: Brigadier O. A. James (Retd.) and Commodore N. A. J. Joseph, VSM, I.N (Retd.). With their distinguished careers and extensive expertise, these officers have also been actively involved in the Services Selection Board. BEDA's primary objective is to prepare potential candidates aspiring to serve in the Indian Armed Forces (Army/Navy/Air Force) as officers through the following courses: 1. Flagship Course: This year-long program consists of classes every Saturday (and selected holidays), encompassing both academic preparation and SSB training. 2. SSB Preparatory Capsule Course: Designed for candidates who have successfully cleared the written examinations for the SSB, this course spans approximately 10 to 14 days (50 sessions) to provide focused preparation. 3. Academic Preparation Capsule Course: This course spans approximately 3 months (100 sessions) and aims to equip candidates for the UPSC NDA, UPSC CDS and AFCAT Examinations.

Career Orientation Centre

The Career Orientation Centre (COC) acts as a rendezvous for imparting guidance and counselling facilities for the ambitious youngsters in areas of higher studies and employment. The centre gives orientation and guidance for preparing various competitive examinations like UGC/CSIR, MAT, bank tests, civil service etc. It has a good collection of the Directories of various universities in India and abroad and other books related to the coaching programmes.

Walk With Scholar

Walk With Scholar (WWS) scheme provides specialized mentoring programs for students in Undergraduate programs in Arts, Science and Commerce and to provide guidance for their future. The scheme introduces the idea of mentoring and builds on the concept of mentor as a 'Guide' and 'Friend’.

Placement Cell

The Placement Cell sends invitations to companies/organizations along with relevant information to conduct campus interviews for their requirements.

Changanassery Civil Service Institute (CCSI)

SB College offers training for civil service examination through CCSL Classes of part time programme for college going students are handled by senior civil service aspirants.

Human Resource Development Department

The Human Resource Development Department (HRD) is actively involved in the personal as well as the career development of the students. It takes necessary steps in the development of soft skills among the blooming professionals. The department functions include continuous personality development training to students, documentation, project works, liaison with external organisations, personality contest as well as staff development programmes. The placement cell working under HRD department is a platform for the students seeking a job. Several students got appointed in various companies and banks through campus interview.

Language Lab

The Language Lab is a laboratory to train the English-speaking skills of the students the campus. The lab provides a very different experience from the traditional system of teaching and learning language and offers more advanced features.


Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), part of the State Skill Development Programme is to impart skill based training with the objective of building a pool of skilled personnel. Classes are being held before or after college timings as well as during holidays/vacations without hindering the timings of the regular course. It has two modules- a Foundation Module (180 hours) and a Skill Course (180 hours).

Scholar Support Programme

The Scholar Support Programme (SSP) is a new initiative of the Higher Education, Govt. of Kerala which aims to overcome the academic weakness of students who belong to the bottom of the merit hierarchy at the time of admission.


Santhwanam is a support programme of the college managed by the Parents Teachers Association. At the time of admission of students, those families desperately need financial assistance are identified and support is given to such families.

Care & Share

The College has a unique insurance scheme managed by the Parent Teacher Association. It is an insurance scheme for all students. The scheme guarantees a sum of Rs.25,000/- in case of death and provide financial support for needy students to meet emergency medical expenses.

SB Counselling Centre

The College has a full-fledged counselling centre with two full-time professional counsellors. Mandatory, referral and voluntary forms of counselling are being promoted and practiced by the counsellors. The mentor identifies students who are in need of emotional support and refers them to the SB Counselling Centre. The centre helps the students to tackle emotional, familial, psychological, social and campus-related problems. The center utilizes scientific tools to analyze the emotional needs of the students and the files are kept systematically and confidentially.

St Berchmans Educational & Charitable Trust

St Berchmans Educational & Charitable Trust is an initiative of the archdiocese of Changanacherry (Reg. No. 29/IV/2011) to support the educational needs of the poor students on the campus. It undertakes Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) activities. The donations to this trust can avail tax deduction under 80G. The details: 80(G): AARTS 1295E/09/17-18/T-0086/80 G, Bank Account No. 0340053000005667, The South Indian Bank, Changanacherry.

SB Cares

To provide support and address mental health concerns of children during and after COVID-19, IQAC of the College in association with department of Social Work announces ‘SB Cares’ programme. Counsellors support and empower students to develop their potential, improve mental health and wellness, and define and achieve academic and personal goals. Students wishing to seek guidance can get in touch with counsellors on their mobile number.


A Scheme to give financial assistance to students or their parents who suffer from cancer or renal diseases.