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Prof K V Nair, a Mahatma Gandhi disciple, established the Department in 1932. At the undergraduate level, Hindi is taught as a second language.

Roll of honour of Service
1. K.V. Nair, Pundit 1943–1951
2. N.E. Viswanathan, Pundit 1946–1949
3. K.N. Sivarama Pillai, Pundit 1949–1974
4. M.P. Madhava Kurup, B A 1952–1974
5. T.K. Bhaskara Varma, Pundit, B.Sc 1954–1955
6. P.C. Jose, M.A 1974–1993
7. M.K. Joseph, M.A 1974–1993
8. Sunnykutty Kurian, M.A, B.Ed 1974–1995
9. K.D. Joseph, M.A 1983–2004
10. Roy Joseph, M.A, M. Phil, Ph.D 1993 –
11. Isac K.S, M.A, M. Phil, Ph.D 1993–
12. Dr. Mathew Abraham, M.A, Ph.D 1993–

Add on Course:

  • Communicative Skills in Hindi Language and Literature, the writings of Kamala Das and other Indian English writers.

Dr. Roy Joseph

Professor and Head

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