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The Department of Mathematics commenced functioning in 1925 with the introduction of Group I at the Intermediate level with a single faculty: Prof. V.A. Mahalinga Iyer, followed by Prof. M.T. Kurian who was appointed in 1926. The Mathematics section became a full-fledged department in the year 1928 with the introduction of the B.A Mathematics. Prof.T. A. Satagopan MA from Madras Christian College took charge as the Head. Prof. P.C. Joseph (1939-1946) joined the Department later and guided the destinies of the Department with firmness and flexibility. Prof. Satagopan and Prof. P.C. Joseph left the Department to take up work elsewhere. When Prof. M.T. Kurian retired in 1962, Prof. O.C. Kuriakose took over as the Head. During his tenure as Head, in 1965, MSc Mathematics programme commenced. After his retirement in 1978, the mantle of the Head of the Department fell on Prof. S. Abraham. After his retirement in 1991 Prof. M.A. Manuel, M. Prof. M.Venkataraman, Prof M C Varghese, Prof. G. Jayarajan, Prof. Raju V Kuttickal, Dr. Joseph Mathews, Prof Antony Mathew, Dr Rajan K, Prof Zacharia Varkey, Dr Antony Mathews presided over the Department in turn. The other renowned faculty of the department includes Prof M C Joseph, Prof V S Varkey, Prof K S Venkitachalam Iyer, Prof K E Paulose, Prof T Jacob Mathew, Prof V A Sebastian and Prof K J Joseph. Our journey to the centenary is headed by Dr Shine C Mathew. The Department celebrated its Navathi in the academic year 2017-18. It is a research centre in Mathematics under Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.


  • 44 NET Holders
  • 28 University Ranks
  • Berchmans Webinar Series in Mathematics
  • Summer Training Programme in Mathematics (STPM)
  • Winter School in Mathematics
  • Berchmans Enrichment Programme in Mathematics (Level I & II)
  • Mathematical Modelling Division
  • Prof S Abraham Endowment Lecture & Scholar-in-Residence Programme
  • Mathematics Tournament
  • Annual National/International Seminars
  • Mathematics Exhibition Unit
  • Berchmans Mathematics Association
  • All Kerala Talent Search in Mathematics
  • “Elements”-The Newsletter
  • Prof. M T Kurian Nurture Scheme
  • Mathematics Alumni Association
  • Prof. M C Joseph Endowments


  • 1. B Sc Mathematics


  • M Sc Mathematics


  • PhD in Mathematics


  • Quantitative Techniques for Competitive Examinations
    Free and open Source Softwares – LaTeX
    Reasoning Ability
    Business Analytics

Dr.Antony Mathews

Associate Professor & Controller Of Examinations

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Dr.Shine C Mathew

Assistant Professor & HEAD

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Fr.John J Chavara

Assistant Professor

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Mr.Tibin Thomas

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Ullas Thomas

Assistant Professor

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Ms.Treesa Maria Kuriakose

Assistant Professor

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Ms. Jinu Mary Jameson

Assistant Professor

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Our Research Activities

  • Our great professors Prof. T A Satagopan, Prof P C Joseph, Prof O C Kuriakose and Prof S Abraham were gifted teachers with research aptitude.

  • Prof T A Satagopan was instrumental in making a hand written copy of Ramanujan’s Note Books and sending them to the famous mathematician G H Hardy (Ref: Ramanujan: Letters and Commentary, AMS).

  • Throughout his teaching career Prof P C Joseph was immersed in exploring new vistas of knowledge. One of his research papers was published in the prestigious journal, American Mathematical Monthly. He was one of the founding members of Kerala Mathematical Association.

  • Prof O C Kuriakose belongs to a class of his own. As a scholar and teacher of Mathematics, he has few parallels. He has his own philosophy of Mathematics. His speeches and writings are erudite discourses which open up new vistas of mathematical knowledge.

  • Prof S. Abraham is a living legend, who has given notable contributions to statistics. He authored several books on Mathematical Economics, Statistics and Genetics. He was also the president of K M A.

  • Later a major contribution to the field of Mathematics research was given by Prof V A Sebastian in the area of Functional Theoretical Algebra. He also studied vector spaces of continuous curves and introduced a concept called n-curving. He has published 4 research papers and a book entitled “Book of Beautiful Curves”.

  • Dr. Joseph Mathews became the first Ph. D holder (University of Kerala) of the Department and his area of Research is convexity in Graph Theory. He has published 8 research papers in National /International journals. Through him our department got an opportunity to become a part of the Indo Slovenian Joint Research Project with Dr. Manoj Changat (Prof and Head, Department of Futures Studies, University of Kerala) as the principal investigator from Indian side. In May 2008, he visited university of Maribor and university of Lubljana. Thanks to, Dr. Joseph Mathews, who ignited the research culture in the department.

  • In 2010, Dr. Antony Mathews secured Ph. D. from the University of Kerala for his thesis titled “Studies in Transit Functions on Posets and its Underlying Graphs, namely, the Cover-incomparability Graphs”, has published 4 research papers and was also a member in the Indo Slovenian Joint Research Project.

  • In the same year, Rev. Dr. Gigi Thomas secured Ph. D. from the University of Botswana in the area of Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases and has published 5 research papers.

  • In 2012, Dr. Shine C Mathew secured Ph. D. from the University of Kerala for the thesis titled “A Study on Graphs Associated with a Commutative Ring”. He has published 3 research papers and presented 2 in National Seminars.

  • In 2013, Dr. Ullas Thomas secured Ph. D. from M.G.Univeristy Kottayam for the thesis titled “A Study on Topological Set-indexers of Graphs”. He has published 11 papers so far and presented 2 in National Conferences.

  • Dr. K Rajan who retired in the year 2012 has completed his research and secured Ph. D. in 2014 from M.G.University Kottayam for his study on Genetic Algorithms.

  • Mr. Tibin Thomas is pursuing research in Toplogical Fluid Dynamics, has published one research paper and communicated one.

  • Our teachers encourage discussions and presentations leading to research and motivate students to participate in various outreach and training programmes of other research institutions. Our alumni have contributed significantly in the field of Mathematics research and many are actively engaged.

  • We hope that our department will become an approved research center of the Mahatma Gandhi University in the near future.


    • Dr. Antony Mathews.–A Study on Distance in Graphs and Some Distance Defined Graphs
    • Dr. Shine C Mathew – A Study on Graphs Arising from Rings.
    • Mr. Tibin Thomas –An Advance Study on Vortex Dynamics.


  • Dr Antony Mathews (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, St Berchmans College, Changanacherry)

    Area of Research: Graph Theory

  • Dr Shine C Mathew (Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, St Berchmans College, Changanacherry)

    Area of Research: Commutative Algebra, Graph Theory

  • Dr Ullas Thomas (Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, St Berchmans College, Changanacherry)

    Area of Research: Topological Graph Theory


    • S.B National Seminar
    • Prof S Abraham Endowment Lecture
    • Prof M T Kurian Lecture Series in Foundations of Mathematics
    • Weekend Enrichment Programme in Mathematics
    • Mathematics Circle.
    • Quiz Clubs.


    • Prof M T Kurian Endowments and Medals
    • Prof S Abraham Endowment Prize
    • Department Development Fund
    • Prof M C Joseph Endowment Scholarships


    • Mathematical Modeling Division
    • Department Library
    • IT Enabled Classrooms


    (a) 1997  Dr. T Thrivikraman
    Fuzzy Mathematics
    (b) 1998   Dr. Babu Joseph Fractal Geometry
    (c)   1999    Dr. N Unnikrishnan Nair Mathematical Modeling
    (d) 2000   Dr. P V Joseph Climate Forecasting
    (e) 2001 Dr. N Unnikrishnan Nair Vedic Mathematics
    (f) 2002 Dr. Jacob Thomas IAS Mathematics in Everyday Life
    (g) 2003 Justice K T Thomas Mathematics in Judiciary
    (h) 2004 Dr. B Iqbal Information Technology
    (i) 2005 Shri. Philip John Mathematics in InformationTechnology
    (j) 2006     Dr. Anilkumar Applications of Statistics in Space
    (k)      2007          Dr. C J thomas                                         Mathematics in Management
    (l) 2008  Dr. Ancykutty Joseph                     A Learner Friendly Approach in Teaching Mathematics
    (m) 2009  Dr. K K Jose                                   Stochastic Modelling and Applications
    (n) 2010      Dr. Apren T J       Transforms and its Applications
    (o) 2011 Shri. Tom Mathews                      Actuarial Science
    (p) 2012 Dr. M Thamban Nair                    On use of functional analysis in numerical integration
    (q) 2013  Dr. Achuthsankar S Nair Visual Mathematics
    (r) 2014 Dr. Mathew Joseph   Random Walks and electric Networks
    (s) 2015 Dr. Rajesh Prakash Earthquake: Mathematics of seismic wave propagation
    (t) 2016 Dr. T.R Ramadas   Geometry and Arithmetic of Plane Cubics
     (u)  2017 Prof Bovas Abraham Statistics, Big Data Analytics and Policy


    (1) 11/12/2014 Dr. E Krishnan Mathematical  Modelling
    (2) 02/02/2015  Dr. Abu Sebastian, IBM Zurich Exploration in Nanoscale Science and Engineering
    (3) 20/08/2015 Dr. Madhavan Namboothiri   Ordinals
    (4) 05/02/2015 Dr. Sunil Mathew Mathematics and Nature
    (5) 02/07/2016 Prof. P J Joy    Number Theory
    (6) 09/02/2017 Dr. Martianus Frederic Ezerman   Introduction to Coding Theory
    (7) 10/02/2017 Prof Ayman Badawi  Zero divisor Graphs
    (8) 14/02/2017 Dr. G Indulal  Algebraic Graph (spectral) Theory
    (9) 21/07/2017 Dr Eeswaran Namboodiri T C An Excursion to Series Expansions of Functions
    (10) 15/09/2017 Dr Rajesh K Thumbakara Geometry in the Living World
    (11) 05/02/2018 Dr Jayaprasad P N Real Number System: A Constructive Approach
    (12) 20/02/2018 Dr V Madhukar Mallayya Kerala Mathematics from Infinitesimals to Infinity


    This one day event includes mathematics quiz at college, plus two, and high school levels, problem solving contest at plus two and high school levels and poster presentations at high school levels


    Organized a state level three day residential workshop in mathematics for selected students at SB campus. Students will be selected on the basis of a written objective type test in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science followed by problem solving session. Participation certificates and prizes were awarded.


    Department has a mathematics exhibition unit which exhibits various models, puzzles, and games in Mathematics.