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The Department of Mathematics commenced functioning in 1925 with the introduction of Group I at the Intermediate level with a single faculty: Prof. V.A. Mahalinga Iyer, followed by Prof. M.T. Kurian who was appointed in 1926. The Mathematics section became a full-fledged department in the year 1928 with the introduction of the B.A Mathematics. Prof.T. A. Satagopan MA from Madras Christian College took charge as the Head. Prof. P.C. Joseph (1939-1946) joined the Department later and guided the destinies of the Department with firmness and flexibility. When Prof. M.T. Kurian retired in 1962, Prof. O.C. Kuriakose took over as the Head. During his tenure as Head, in 1965, MSc Mathematics programme commenced. After his retirement in 1978, the mantle of the Head of the Department fell on Prof. S. Abraham. After his retirement in 1991 Prof. M.A. Manuel, M. Prof. M.Venkataraman, Prof M C Varghese, Prof. G. Jayarajan, Prof. Raju V Kuttickal, Dr. Joseph Mathews, Prof Antony Mathew, Dr Rajan K, Prof Zacharia Varkey, Dr Antony Mathews Dr Shine C Mathew presided over the Department in turn. The other renowned faculty of the department includes Prof M C Joseph, Prof V S Varkey, Prof K S Venkitachalam Iyer, Prof K E Paulose, Prof T Jacob Mathew, Prof V A Sebastian and Prof K J Joseph. Our journey to centenary is headed by Fr John J Chavara. The Department celebrated it Navathi in the academic year 2017-18. The Department became an approved research center in Mathematics under Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam in 2018.

1925 Mathematics Teaching started
1928 Full-fledged with the introduction of BA Mathematics.
1965 Commencement of MSc Mathematics
1997 Prof S Abraham Endowment and lecture series commenced.
2000 All Kerala Inter- collegiate Quiz competition in Mathematics for Berchmans Trophy started
2011 Mathematical modelling division started
2012 Mathematics Tournament started
2014 Prof M T Kurian Nurture Scheme started
2015 Prof M C Joseph Endowments was instituted
2018 Became Research center in Mathematics
2019 Berchmans Centre Mathematical Sciences started

Roll of honour of Service
Sl. No Name Years of Service
1. V.A. Mahalinga Iyer, B.A, Hons 1925 – 1926
2. M.T. Kurian, M.A 1926 – 1962
3. T.A. Satagopan, M.A 1928 – 1946
4. P.C. Joseph, M.A 1939 – 1946
5. O.C. Kuriakose, B.Sc (Hons) 1943 – 1978
6. C.T. Joseph, B.Sc 1945 – 1946
7. G. Sankaranarayana Iyer, B.Sc 1946 – 1947
8. Sreenivasa Sundaram, B.A (Hons) 1946 – 1951
9. K.S. Joseph, B.Sc 1946 – 1947
10. P.K. Narayana Pillai, B.Sc (Hons) 1947 – 1948
11. C.T. Arumugham Pillai, B.Sc (Hons) 1947 – 1950
12. John K. John 1928 – 1946
13. M.C. Joseph, B.A, L T 1939 – 1946
14. S. Ramachandra Iyer, B.Sc (Hons) 1949 – 1951
15. N. Viswanathan, B.Sc 1949 – 1949
16. N.R. Devikumara Varma, B.Sc (Hons) 1949 – 1949
17. K.V. Muthuswamy, B.Sc 1949 – 1950
18. K. Parthasarathy, B.Sc 1951 – 1952
19. N.T. Jose, BA (Hons) 1952 – 1953
20. P.S. Parameswaran, M.A 1952 – 1953
21. S. Abraham, M.Sc 1953 – 1991
22. A. Harihara Krishna Iyer, M.Sc 1953 – 1956
23. M.A. Manuel, B.Sc (Hons) 1949 – 1951
24. Varghese Philip, M.Sc 1960 – 1964
25. V.S. Varkey, M.Sc 1960 – 1991
26. Joseph Pappy, M.Sc 1961 – 1964
27. M. Venkitaraman, M.Sc 1964 –1997
28. K.S. Venkitachalam Iyer M Sc 1964 – 1995
29. K.E. Paulose, M.Sc 1964 – 1996
30. M.C. Varghese, M.Sc 1965 – 1998
31. G. Jayarajan, M.Sc 1965 – 1999
32. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kanikathott, M.Sc 1965 – 1965
33. Jacob Mathew, M.Sc 1966 – 1967
34. Koshy Mammen, M.Sc 1966 – 1967
35. Muraleedharan Nair, M.Sc 1966 – 1967
36. T.C. Jose, M.Sc 1968 – 1969
37. Harihara Krishna Sarma, M.Sc 1968 – 1969
38. V.A. Sebastian, M.Sc 1975 – 2000
39. Raju V. Kuttickal, M.Sc, M.Phil 1975 – 2006
40. Dr Joseph Mathews, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D 1978 – 2008
41. Antony Mathew, M.Sc, M.Phil 1979 – 2011
42. P.C. Andrews, M.Sc 1980 – 1981
43. Dr. K. Rajan, M.Sc, M.Phil 1981 –2012
44. V.D. Sebastian, M.Sc 1981 – 1987
45. K.J. Joseph, M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil 1982 – 2008
46. George Antony, M.Sc 1995 – 2000
47. Mathewkutty Varghese, M.Sc 1996 – 2001
48. Rev Dr. Gigi Thomas M.Sc Mphil 2001 -  2013
49. Jinu B George M Sc , MPhil 2009 - 2015
50. Pratheesh Mathew M Sc ,MPhil 2012 - 2015
51. Zacharia Varkey, M.Sc, M.Phil 1983 – 2016

Gladis Rose Jose MSc Ernst and Young
Noel K Thomas BSc Ernst and Young
MintaTomy MSc SPI Global
Amala Sibi MSc SPI Global
MintaTomy MSc SPI Global
Brenta Thomas MSc SPI Global
Maria Jacob MSc SPI Global
Nixon Sebastian (BSc 2016-2019) TCS and Infosys.
Bimal James (BSc 2016-2019) TCS
Amal J Kizhakkel (BSc 2016-2019) Infosys
Vishal K R (BSc 2016-2019) TCS
Akshay John (BSc 2016-2019) MRF

Competitive exams (NET, JRF, GATE, JEST etc.) (Cleared after 2017)
Mr Jenny Antony MSc Mathematics 2013-2015
Ms Riya Jose MSc Mathematics 2012-2014
Mr Sobin Thomas MSc Mathematics 2012-2014
Ms Remya C R MSc Mathematics 2010-2012
Ms Amitha Shaji MSc Mathematics 2015-2017
Ms Roshni T Roy MSc Mathematics 2015-2017
Ms Shafna M Sali MSc Mathematics 2015-2017
Ms Anumol Thomas MSc Mathematics 2015-2017
Mr Somu Thankkappan MSc Mathematics 2016-2018
Mr Cyril J Jacob MSc Mathematics 2017-2019

UG Programme

  • BSc Mathematics With Complementary Courses Physics And Statistics

PG Programme

  • MSc Mathematics

Doctoral Programme

  • Ph.D. In Mathematics

Add-on Course

  • Quantitative Techniques For Competitive Examinations
  • Free And Open Source Softwares – Latex

Dr. Shine C Mathew

Assistant Professor

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Fr. John J Chavara

Assistant Professor & Head

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Mr.Tibin Thomas

Assistant Professor

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Dr.Ullas Thomas

Assistant Professor

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Ms.Treesa Maria Kuriakose

Assistant Professor

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Ms. Jinu Mary Jameson

Assistant Professor

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  • Berchmans Centre for Mathematical Sciences

    Berchmans Centre for Mathematical Sciences is a centre working under Department of Mathematics, for the promotion of Mathematics education and research all over the globe. BCMS has nearly 1000s books. It includes Mathematical models for High school students

  • Mathematical Modelling Division

    Mathematical modelling division equipped with MATLAB 7.5, SPSS, open source software LaTeX etc.

  • ICT Enabled Classrooms

  • Department Library

  • Prof. S Abraham Endowment Lecture

    Prof S Abraham Endowment Lecture is a programme organized by the Department in honour of Prof S Abraham, our former head and a versatile genius, since 1997.  The resource persons include eminent Mathematicians and Scientists from different universities and institutes of the country and from abroad.  So far we have had 25 lectures.

    2014 Dr. E Krishnan Mathematical  Modelling
    2015 Dr. Abu Sebastian, IBM Zurich Exploration in Nanoscale Science and Engineering
    Dr. Madhavan Namboothiri Ordinals
    Dr. Sunil Mathew Mathematics and Nature
    2016 Prof. P J Joy Number Theory
    2017 Dr. Martianus Frederic Ezerman Introduction to Coding Theory
    Prof Ayman Badawi Zero divisor Graphs
    Dr. G Indulal Algebraic Graph (spectral) Theory
    Dr Eeswaran Namboodiri T C An Excursion to Series Expansions of Functions
    Dr Rajesh K Thumbakara Geometry in the Living World
    2018 Dr Jayaprasad P N Real Number System: A Constructive Approach
    Dr V Madhukar Mallayya Kerala Mathematics from Infinitesimals to Infinity
    Dr Satheesh Ramachandran A few contemporary commercial applications
    of Statistics and Mathematics
    2019 Dr Ponnusamy S Convergence of real and complex power series
    Bilinear Transformations
    Conformal mappings between disks and half planes
    Classification of singularities

  • Prof. M T Kurian Lecture Series in Foundations of Mathematics

    Prof M T Kurian Memorial Lecture Series in Foundations of Mathematics was inaugurated in 2014 to honour the long time faculty Prof M T Kurian. This lecture series was endowed by his family. The objective of this lecture series is to stimulate the interest in Mathematics among the students. The series includes four lectures, two lectures in odd semester and two in even semester.

    1997 Dr. T Thrivikraman Fuzzy Mathematics
    1998 Dr. Babu Joseph Fractal Geometry
    1999 Dr. N Unnikrishnan Nair Mathematical Modeling
    2000 Dr. P V Joseph Climate Forecasting
    2001 Dr. N Unnikrishnan Nair Vedic Mathematics
    2002 Dr. Jacob Thomas IAS Mathematics in Everyday Life
    2003 Justice K T Thomas Mathematics in Judiciary
    2004 Dr. B Iqbal Information Technology
    2005 Shri. Philip John Mathematics in Information Technology
    2006 Dr. Anilkumar Applications of Statistics in Space
    2007 Dr. C J thomas Mathematics in Management
    2008 Dr. Ancykutty Joseph A Learner Friendly Approach in Teaching Mathematics
    2009 Dr. K K Jose Stochastic Modelling and Applications
    2010 Dr. Apren T J Transforms and its Applications
    2011 Shri. Tom Mathews Actuarial Science
    2012 Dr. M Thamban Nair On use of functional analysis in numerical integration
    2013 Dr. Achuthsankar S Nair Visual Mathematics
    2014 Dr. Mathew Joseph Random Walks and electric Networks
    2015 Dr. Rajesh Prakash Earthquake: Mathematics of seismic wave propagation
    2016 Dr. T.R Ramadas Geometry and Arithmetic of Plane Cubics
    2017 Prof Bovas Abraham Statistics, Big Data Analytics and Policy
    2019 Dr S Madhavan
    Dr. T G Sarathchandran
    Dr. N. K. Sundhareswaran
    Dr Vrindha P M
    2020 Prof B V Rao Markov chains and queueing models
    Dr K R Arun A simple proof of fundamental theorem of algebra
    Dr K Sumesh Separability and entangled states
    Dr P Rameshkumar An introduction to rational languages

  • Mathematics Tournament

    This one day event includes mathematics quiz at college, plus two, and high school levels, problem solving contest at plus two and high school levels and poster presentations at high school levels

  • All Kerala Talent Search in Mathematics

    Organized a state level three day residential workshop in mathematics for selected students at SB campus. Students will be selected on the basis of a written objective type test in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science followed by problem solving session. Participation certificates and prizes were awarded.

  • Mathematics Exhibition Unit

    Department has a mathematics exhibition unit which exhibits various models, puzzles, and games in Mathematics.

  • Berchmans Webinar Series in Mathematics

    Berchmans Webinar Series in Mathematics aims to introduce advanced topics in Mathematics to students and scholars and motivate them towards research and higher learning. The webinars help students to get introduced to new and advanced topics and encourage them to think more deeply. Also it helps students to notice connections between different areas of the subject. Each webinar is followed by an interactive session so that the students gets an opportunity to interact with external experts and clear their doubts in the topic.


  • Winter School in Mathematics

    The Department has organized a Winter School in Mathematics for the BSc students (studying or qualified) in India giving equal importance to theory as well as problem solving sessions. The programme focused on the students preparing for competitive examinations like JAM or any MSc entrance examinations.

  • Summer Training Programme in Mathematics (STPM)

    The Department has organized a Summer Training Programme in Mathematics for the MSc students (studying or qualified) in India giving equal importance to theory as well as problem solving sessions. The programme focused on the students preparing for competitive examinations like CSIR-UGC NET, NBHM, GATE etc


  • Berchmans Enrichment Programme in Mathematics

    The department conducts effective and well organized enrichment programme which motivates our MSc students to qualify NET/JRF. Eminent professors from various colleges of the state engage in the programme.

  • Seminars and Workshops

    National workshop and seminar on Functional Analysis (NWSFA 2019)

    The Department organized a National workshop and seminar on Functional Analysis(NWSFA 2019) in collaboration with SERB from 02nd  to 06th December  2019.

    National Seminar on Algebra and Graph Theory (NSAGT 2019)

    The Department organized a three day National Seminar on Algebra And Graph Theory (NSAGT-2019) in collaboration with Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) from 17th to 19th January 2019.

    Science Academies Lecture Workshop (SALW-2019)

    The Department has organized a three day Science Academies’ Lecture Workshops from 10th to 12th January 2019. These workshops  form an important segment of the activities under the Science Academies’ Programmes organized by the Joint Science Education Panel of the three Science Academies namely Indian Academy of Sciences Bengaluru, Indian National Science Academy New Delhi, The National Academy of Sciences, India( Allahabad). These three day workshop intended for the benefit of students and teachers at the undergraduate, graduate and research levels. The workshop designed as to have useful relevance to the materials covered in the graduate and under – graduate programmes and can then also cover some topics at research level.

    Two Day Workshop on Foundations of Complex Analysis-2018 (IMRT workshops)

    In order to impart basic knowledge in Complex Analysis, the Department in association with Institute of Mathematics Research and Training (IMRT) , Thiruvananthapuram , organized a two day workshop on Foundations of Complex Analysis for the post graduate students of our college and nearby colleges on 15th and 16th December 2018.

    Two Day Lecture Series in Foundations of Mathematics (As part of National Mathematics Day)

    As part of National Mathematics Day, the Department of Mathematics organized Two day Lecture series in Foundations of Mathematics for undergraduate and post graduate students of the college and nearby colleges in association with Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE). The programme was held on July 31st and August 1st 2018.

    Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop (TEW-2018)

    The Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop (TEW) series is a programme of the National Centre for Mathematics (a joint centre of IIT Bombay and TIFR, Mumbai) which sponsors instructional schools and workshops at several levels in various places of the country. It is necessary for college teachers to refresh and update their knowledge.  The Department organized TEW on Galois Theory and Complex Analysis from 30th April to 5th May 2018 for Mathematics teachers of Govt./Aided/Self-financing Arts and Science Colleges/ Engineering Colleges in Kerala.

    National Seminar on Topology and Its Applications (NSTA 2018)

    The Department organized a three day National Seminar on Topology and its Applications (NSTA-2018) in collaboration with Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) from 7th to 9th February 2018.

    Two Day Workshop on Foundations of Real Analysis-2017

    In order to impart basic knowledge in Real analysis, the Department in association with Institute of Mathematics Research and Training (IMRT) , Thiruvananthapuram , organized a two day workshop on Foundations of Real Analysis for the post graduate students of our college and nearby colleges on 3rd &4th November 2017.

  • Mathematics Circle

    This is an innovative venture started by our MSc students with an objective to enlighten and awaken the passion for Mathematics in the young minds. It provides a platform to discuss the basic mathematical ideas that are forgotten but necessary and important

  • Mathematics Quiz Clubs

    Mathematics Quiz club and General Knowledge Quiz club are functioning effectively under the auspices of the Mathematics Association. Weekly quiz competitions are conducted for students from various Departments. The Mathematics quiz was conducted on every Wednesday and General quiz on Thursdays.