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Research Centers

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics commenced functioning in 1925 with the introduction of Group I at the Intermediate level with a single faculty: Prof. V.A. Mahalinga Iyer, followed by Prof. M.T. Kurian who was appointed in 1926. The Mathematics section became a full-fledged department in 1928 with the introduction of the B.A Mathematics. MSc Mathematics programme was started in 1965. The Department became an approved research center in Mathematics under Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam in 2018.

Research Guides

Research Guides Area of Research Contact
Dr Antony Mathews Graph Theory +91 9447027820, [email protected]
Dr Shine C Mathew Commutative Algebra, Graph Theory +91 9847531272
Dr Ullas Thomas Topological Graph Theory +91 9446204645, [email protected]


Berchmans Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Berchmans Centre for Mathematical Sciences is a centre working under the Department of Mathematics, for the promotion of Mathematics education and research all over the globe. BCMS has nearly 1000s books.
Mathematical Modelling Division
Mathematical modelling division equipped with MATLAB 7.5, SPSS, open source software LaTeX etc.