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Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)

Under the new education policy 2020, the Government of India introduced the Academic
Bank of Credits (ABC) scheme. This initiative serves as a digital repository, housing the
academic credits earned by students throughout their educational journey. By providing a
seamless platform, ABC facilitates smooth transitions between educational institutions,
granting students convenient access to their academic achievements while ensuring their
authenticity and secure storage.
The ABC system enables students to transfer or redeem earned credits from one institution
to another, subject to their explicit consent.It is imperative for all students to register on the Academic Bank of Credits and obtain a
unique ABC ID.

Detailed instruction for registration can be found at the following link:
• Step-by-Step User Guide: ABC ID Registration Guide
Additionally, students are encouraged to utilize the DigiLocker platform to access all their
issued mark cards from the college.
• How to fetch documents with DigiLocker: Digilocker Document Retrieval Guide
For additional information, please visit: Academic Bank of Credits Website