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The Department was established in the year 1925 with the commencement of the science groups in the Intermediate course. The Department was started under the leadership of Prof D Gopalan, student of Sir C V Raman, and through these years the Department of Physics has earned the reputation as a premier Institution. Affiliation for B Sc Physics was granted in 1945. The affiliation for M Sc  Physics with specialization in Electronics was granted in the year 1961. M Sc Physics (Non-conventional Energy) was introduced in the year 1998. The Department started M Phil course in Physics in the year 2012. The department is a DST-FIST sponsored department since 2005. B Voc in Renewable Energy Management was started in the year 2016. Currently the department offers 48 seats for BSc and 35 seats for MSc.

  * Establishment of Dept. of Physics Research Centre: 1985 (MG University Order No. Ac. AII (1) 504/85
     Dated 20.12.1985)
  * PhDs: 22+
  * Publication: 250+
  * We encourage students from other colleges to do their MSc/MPhil projects
      under the guidance of our teachers.
  * Collaborative research with International Laboratories is done by some of our faculty members.
  * There are 6 active research lab in various disciplines of Physics.
Roll of Honour of Service
Prof. D Gopalan
Prof. S L Thomas (1942-1982)
Prof. N Sivasankara Nair (1952-1987)
Prof. George Abraham (1950-1984)
Prof. J Gopalakrishna Rao (1953-1984)
Prof. K K  John (1966-1994)
Fr. Dr. Joseph M T Maroor (1985-1991)
Prof. A G George (1961-1993)
Prof. T S Antony (1957-1998)
Prof. V J Geevarghese (1958-1991)
Prof. A M Thomas (1965-1998)
Prof. P C Jacob (1966-1996)
Prof. M J James (1966-1999)
Fr. P J Gregory Paruvapparampil (1969-1992)
Prof. George Sebastian (1967-1998)
Prof. P V Aprame (1968-2000)
Prof. K V Thomas (1970-2000)
Prof. O S Sebastian (1967-2001)
Prof. Baby Joseph (1977-2009)
Dr. George C Chennattucherry (1978-2011)
Prof. C A Xavier (1978-2011)
Prof. Johnny Joseph (1979-2011)
Prof. V Prabha (1980-2013)
Dr. George Varghese (1980-2008)
Dr. K C George (1981-2014)
Dr. Jose Mathew (1981-2014)
Dr. P J Kurien (1982-2015)
Dr. B Ambady (1988-1996)
Dr. Saban K V (1988-2014)
Dr. K E Abraham (1993-2019)

2018-19 4 (MRF, Wipro, Infosys)
2017-18 10 (Infosys, Wipro, TCS, SPi Global)

Competitive exams (NET, JRF, GATE, JEST etc.)
2019-20 Dhiya Varghese  (MSc 2017-19) JEST 2020, GATE 2020
Preethu P Satheesh (MSc 2017-19) GATE 2020
Abin Philip (MSc 2017-19) GATE 2020
Annet Anna Thomas (MSc 2017-19) GATE 2020
2018-19 Geethu Joseph (MSc 2017-18) JEST 2019,  GATE 2019
Rincy James (MSc 2017-18) NET 2018, JEST 2019, GATE 2019
Seth Mathew V (BSc 2016-19) JEST2019
Indhu   Teresa Joechen  (MSc 2017-18) NET 2018
Chinnu V Devan (MSc 2013-15) JRF2018, JEST2018, GATE2018
Preethu P Satheesh (MSc 2017-19) GATE2018
2017-18 Ms. Navya Sara Kurian MSc. (E) JEST 2018
Ms. Rincy James  MSc. (E) GATE 2018
Ms. Anjali Chacko MSc. (E) GATE 2018
Mr. Vijoy K V MSc. (E) G ATE 2018
Ms. Neenu Tomy  MSc.(NRE) GATE 2018
Mr. Akhil Thomas Paniker MSc. (E) CSIR-NET 2017
Ms. EMY MONS MSc. (E) CSIR-NET 2018, GATE 2018
Martin Mathew MSc. (E) CSIR-NET 2018

UG Programme

PG Programme

  • MSc Physics (Electronics)
  • MSc Physics (New and Renewable Energy)

Pre-Doctoral Programme

  • M. Phil Physics

Doctoral Programme

  • Ph.D. Physics

Add-on Course

  • Electronics and Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Dr. Gijo Jose

Assistant Professor

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Mr.Ajai Jose

Assistant Professor & Head

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Mr.Justin John

Assistant Professor

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Dr.Sajith Mathews T

Assistant Professor

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Dr.Joshy Jose

Assistant Professor

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Mr.Benny Joseph

Assistant Professor

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Dr.Lijo Jose

Assistant Professor

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Dr.Sinu Mathew

Assistant Professor

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Dr.Loji K Thomas

Assistant Professor

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  • Instrument details

    • Glow discharge chamber
    • Diffusion pump
    • Digital storage Oscilloscope
    • High Voltage DC Power supply
    • Thin film vacuum coating
    • Keithly Electrometer
    • Hioki LCR meter
    • Electronic Weighing Balance
    • Double Distilled Water Unit
    • Muffle Furnace
    • Cathode ray oscilloscope
    • Helium Neon Laser
    • Dip Coater
    • UV –Visible spectrophometer(CIF)
    • Hall effect set
    • Temperature controlled Oven

  • Laboratories

    General Physics Research lab
    Plasma Research lab
    SMART Materials lab
    Advanced Research in Materials Science (ARMS) lab
    Photo electronic Materials lab
    Space Physics Lab

  • Prof. JG Rao and Prof. B Ambadi Memorial Physics Lecture

  • Prof. SL Thomas Memorial Inter-collegiate Quiz Competition.

  • Prof. Shollykutty Memorial Inter-collegiate Presentation Competition

  • Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops organized

    • Awareness Meet and Exhibition on Nuclear Science and Technology and its various societal applications & Intercollegiate Competition ‘Quiz 2017-18’ 1 & 2 March 2018 Organized by IGCAR Kalpakam.
    • National workshop on ‘Relativistic Quantum Mechanics’ by APT Kerala and Dept. of physics, SB college on 13-14 October 2018

  • MOUs

    • Industry partnership for Vocational degree course in Renewable Energy Management: Ecosense Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi on 30th June 2015.
    • Industry partnership for Vocational degree course in Renewable Energy Management: Renewable Energy Centre Mithradham on 18th November 2015.