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The Department of Zoology has been a part of the noble tradition of St. Berchmans College since 1927. Over the years, it has progressed by leaps and bounds under the able leadership of prominent teachers. Today it is one of the premier biological sciences departments in Kerala, distinguished for its quality of teaching, cutting-edge curriculum, research and extension. The Department has accomplished faculty having specialized in diverse research disciplines namely Wild life biology, Entomology, Wetland biology, Toxicology, Environmental biology, Cell biology, Neurobiology etc. Department has good infrastructural facilities with well equipped labs and IT enabled class rooms. Zoological museum established in the department provide a unique study and reference experience not only for students of this college but other colleges and schools. It is known as the best college museum in Kerala, displaying over a thousand of animals including some of the world's rarest and most valuable fauna. To foster the talents and competencies of students the Department organises various programme under the broad umbrella of Zoology Association. Some of the activities include Bird watching, bird and insect survey, forest visit, intercollegiate quiz, animal fest, observation of important science days, celebration of festivals etc. Department organises various seminars, conferences, quiz competitions, memorial lectures etc. Department also provides financial support to needy students through scholarships. Department is continuing its journey through moulding young minds passionately. The mission of the department is to be a nationally recognized premier centre in Zoological studies promoting integral human development through value based teaching, learning, research and innovation.

1927 Established Zoology Department and started B.Sc Zoology Programme
1965 M.Sc Zoology Programme started
1979 M. M. Sebastian Memorial Lecture and Scholarships started
1986 Approved Research Centre in Zoology of M.G.University
1999 Prof. K. A. Thomas Memorial Intercollegiate Quiz competition in Life Sciences started
2002 B.Sc Industrial Microbiology and Zoology Programme started as UGC sponsored programme
2005 M.Sc Biochemistry Programme started as SF programme
2013 M.Sc Microbiology Programme started as SF Programme
2015 First Board of Studies in Zoology formed for  Autonomous PG & UG programmes
2017 Self-Financing programmes detached as independent  department

Roll of honour of service
Prof. C. John 1927 – 1943 (Expired)
Prof.  K. J. Joseph 1928 – 1962  (Expired)
Prof. M. M. Sebastian 1954 – 1979  (Expired)
Prof. T. Joseph 1962 – 1990  (Expired)
Prof. Joy Joseph 1961 – 1992  (Expired)
Prof. C. P. Francis 1965 – 1992  (Expired)
Prof. N. M. Joseph  1965 – 1993; Mob– 9447384454
Prof. V. C. John 1962 – 1995; Mob – 9895360105
Prof. M. V. Jose 1967 – 1997; Mob - 8547522753
Prof. A. V. Thomas 1967 – 1997;  Mob- 9446124211
Prof. Baby Sebastian 1967 – 1999;  Mob– 9447170785
Prof. E. J. Jose 1967 – 1999;  Mob- 9447972169
Prof. K. A. Thomas 1968 – 1999  (Expired)
Dr. Babukutty Mathew  1968 – 2001; Mob- 9947725160
Dr. V. C. Thomas 1979 – 2003 (Expired)
Dr. Thomas T Valamparampil 1979 – 2010;  Mob- 9447136755
Dr. Issac Thomas 1992 – 2011;  Mob- 9447592512
Dr. Jose P Jacob 1990 – 2014;  Mob- 9495064187
Dr. Jose D Kaippallil  1993 – 2018;  Mob- 9447076176

Competitive Exams Cracked (NET, JRF, GATE, JEST etc.)
Year Name Exam 
2019 Meera Liza Jose NET- JRF
Sr. Leena Jose NET- JRF
Praveen Prabha NET- JRF
Rakhi T V NET- JRF
Anjitha A NET
2018 Chinnu Shaji NET- JRF
Meenu Maniradhan NET- JRF
Aneesh Mathew Vergis GATE
Rinu A R NET
2017 Jerin George NET- JRF
Minu Merin Sabu NET- JRF
Anjaly Jose NET- JRF
Sudhi Mary Thomas NET
Aswathi Anilkumar NET
2016 Joseph Tom NET- JRF
Toji Thomas NET- JRF
Mijo V Abraham NET- JRF
Neenu Raj NET- JRF
Nisha K Krishnan NET- JRF
Sumi Sam NET
Bini Mathew NET
2015 Hima Tom NET- JRF
Mahima Ann Abraham NET- JRF
Shaloo Ann Thomas NET- JRF
Meera V NET- JRF
Sumayya Rahuman NET- JRF
Anitha Dominic NET

UG Programme

  • B.Sc Zoology (started in1927) autonomous since 2015

PG Programme

  • M.Sc. Zoology - Entomology (started in 1965) autonomous since 2015

Doctoral Programme

  • Ph. D. Zoology


  • Ornamental Fishes and Aquarium Management

Dr.Jomon K V

Assistant Professor & Controller of Examinations

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Dr.Joe Prasad Mathew

Assistant Professor & Head

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Dr.Monichan K K

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Philip Litto Thomas

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Martin J Babu

Assistant professor

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Dr. Rubin Philip

Assistant Professor

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  • Facilities

    • Center for Research in Zoology (Approved research center of M.G.University from 1986 onwards)
    • Zoological Museum with diverse collection of specimens
    • Department Instrumentation section
    • Department PG Library
    • Laboratory for Physiology
    • Laboratory for Environment Biology
    • Laboratory for Entomology
    • Laboratory for Biochemistry
    • Laboratory for Microbiology
    • Department Seminar Hall
    • Ecofriendly Waste management unit


    Museum of Zoology, of St Berchmans College, was established in 1928. The Museum aims to impart awareness on animal fauna, generate curiosity on life forms and evoke interest in animal conservation among the students and public. Museum@SB is a rich repository exemplifying animal diversity in its wide spectrum. Over thousands of animals of the world’s rare fauna in its bewildering size and shapes decorate the Museum. Fossils of the marine arthropods-trilobites which lived in the Cambrian era, Kangaroo, duck-billed platypus, echidna, flamingo, lemur, the whole human skeleton, and body parts are some of the attractions of the museum. The rich collection of indigenous and local fauna including fishes and snakes adds richness to the museum. Well-curated specimens displayed in the best way add to the stimulating ambience of the museum. It serves as an erudite learning resource for students and research scholars and enthrals the public as well. The museum is arguably one of the best of its kind housed in any of the colleges in Kerala. A feeling of awe and a cherishing memory will linger forever in every visitor’s mind

  • Collaboration

    A Regional Wetland Research Centre has been established in the Dept. of Zoology, St. Berchmans College in collaboration with the Dept. of Global Environment, Sophia University, Tokyo.

  • Prof. MM Sebastian memorial lecture

    Prof. MM Sebastian memorial lecture was initiated in 1980, this annual lecture brings doyens in various fields of Biology to the college campus.

    During 2019-20, Prof. M M Sebastian memorial lecture was delivered by Dr. Pradeep Kumar G. on 12th February 2019

  • Prof KA Thomas memorial All Kerala Inter-Collegiate Life Science Quiz

    Prof KA Thomas memorial All Kerala Inter-Collegiate Life Science Quiz competition is a prestigious quiz program among the students of Life sciences initiated in the year 2000.

    During 2019-20, Prof. K A Thomas memorial intercollegiate life science quiz competition was held on 1st February 2019.

  • Zoology Association

    To foster extracurricular and curricular talents in student the association under the stewardship of faculty acts as a platform. It coordinates different activities such as:

    • Sports meet
    • Arts festival
    • Quiz programmes
    • Onam and Christmas celebrations
    • Bird watching club registered with WWF

  • Zrishti

    The intercollegiate fest that showcases the talents of Zoology students is a sought-after event with participation from colleges far and near. Various competitions ranging from quiz and poster designing to scientific drawing and photography make the event vibrant. Altogether, Zrishti is a day for the ‘Zoologians’ to cheer and chill out.

    ZRISHTI 2019 was conducted during 28 January 2019. Three hundred students from various colleges participated in the fest.

  • Wildlife Week Celebration

    Wildlife Week (2nd– 8th Oct) is observed every year with Inter-collegiate Wildlife Quiz, Expert talks, Street play, Wildlife awareness exhibition and various competitions including Wildlife Photography

  • Extension Activities

    Zoology department runs an Eco-friendly waste management unit producing vermicompost and promoting organic farming.

  • Curious Minds

    A forum for presentations and discussions on the latest discoveries in Science and Technology with implications in Life sciences.

  • Seminars/Conferences/Workshops organized

    • International Webinar on Conservation Biology, 1 Oct 2020
    • Symposium on Ecology, 6 Feb 2020
    • International Colloquium on Environment and Sustainable Development (ICESD 2018)
    • Science Academies’ Lecture workshop- Foundation Lectures in Biology, 11-12 Dec, 2017
    • Science Academies Lecture workshop on Frontiers in Wildlife Biology, 1-2 Dec 2014
    • International Conference on Wild Life with Special Emphasis on Human- Animal Conflict, 10-12 May 2012

  • Academic support Programmes

    • Invited talks by external experts
    • Biodiversity field trips for PG & UG student
    • Wildlife biology field course  for UG students
    • Nature camp for PG students.
    • Final semester Research Institute Visits for PG students
    • Student Peer talks
    • Motivational/Career guidance programs
    • Onam and Christmas Celebrations