Dr.Jomon K V

Assistant Professor

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Full Name:
Jomon K V
Assistant Professor
Mobile Number:
Educational Qualifications:
M Sc., B Ed., UGC-NET., Ph. D
Area of Specialization:
Medical Entomology
Papers Published:
  • Jomon K V and Thomas T Valampampil (2014). Medically important Mosquitoes in the Rubber Plantation belt of Central Kerala, India. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, 45(4): 796-795
  • ┬áJomon K V and Thomas T Valamparampil (2013). Mosquito vectors in the low-lying areas of Kottayam district, Kerala, India. International Journal of Biology, Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, 2(2): 280-287
  • Jomon K V, Sudharmini S and Thomas T Valamparampil (2010). Diversity of mosquitoes in Idukki district, Kerala state, India. Entomon, 35(4): 1-10
  • Jomon K V and Thomas T Valamparampil (2010). A study on Culex mosquitoes with special reference to Japanese Encephalitis vectors in Kottayam districts, Kerala India. SB academic review , 17 (1&2): 22-30.
  • Jomon KV, Sudharmini S and Thomas T Valamparampil (2009). Aedes mosquitoes in arboviral epidemic prone area of Kottayam district, Kerala India. SB Academic Review, 16(1&2): 171-178.
  • Jomon K V and Thomas T Valamparampil (2008). Chikungunya: status, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and control .SB Academic Review , 15(1&2): 19-26.
Book/ Book Chapters Published:
Developmental Biology. First Edition December 2012. Published by Zoological Society of Kerala (Co-author)
Zoological Society of Kerala