Dr. Raju Sebastian

Associate Professor & Head

[email protected]
Full Name:
Raju Sebastian
Associate Professor & Head
Mobile Number:
+91 9447807804
Educational Qualifications:
MA, PGCTE, MPhil, Ph D
Awards and Achievements:
  1. Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  2. Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Advanced)
  3. Certificate in Gestalt Therapy
Area of Specialization:
English Language Teaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Guidance:
  1. Research Guide (No. 3467/AC A6/2019/MGU dated 23.07.2019)
Papers Published:
  1. “Creating Proper Learning Environment: The Role of NLP in the ESL Classroom”. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR), vol 6, no 4, April 2019, pp. 57-63.
  2. “Teacher-Language and Rapport Building in the ELT Class: An NLP-Based Experiment”. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention (IJHSSI), vol 8, no 03, March 2019, pp. 4-10.
  3. "Tackling Motivational Problems among ESL Students: A Case for NLP Strategies". SB Academic Review, vol xxv, 1&2, 2018, pp. 23-36.
  4. “NLP for Enhancing CLT Effectiveness”. The Gandhigram Literary Review, vol 3, Summer 2014, pp. 14-30.
  5. "Adapting Materials for the ESL Class: An NLP Bases Experiment". SB Academic Review, vol xxi, no. 1&2, 2014, pp. 195-212.
  6. Jose, Nijoy P and Raju Sebastian. "Neuro-Linguistic Programming vis-a-vis Mainstream Applied Linguistics and ELT: A Critique". SB Academic Review, vol xxi, no. 1&2, 2014, pp. 169-184.
  7. “Developing Vocabulary in the ESL Classroom Using NLP Strategies”, SB Academic Review, vol xx, no. 1&2, 2013, pp. 39-52.
  8. "Transcending Behaviourism through Behaviourist Principles and its Implications for Language Pedagogy”, SB Academic Review, vol xix, no. 1&2, 2012, pp. 74-81.
  9. “Redefining Teacher-Roles: The Voice of NLP.” Journal of Extension and Research, Vol xiii, no.1&2, 2011, pp. 108-112.
  10. “Using the Right Brain the ELT Classroom.” SB Academic Review, Vol xvii, 1&2, 2010, pp. 53-62.
Extension Activities:
  1. Gave a talk on “Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Everyday Life” at the Faculty of English and Foreign Languages, The Gandhigram Rural Institute - Deemed to be University, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu on 20 July 2011.
  2. Conducted Vacation Classes in Basic English Skills for School Children Under the Auspices of Junior Chamber of India, Vedagiri Unit, during April-May 2012 and 2013.
  3. Led English Skill Classes at ASAP Train the Trainers Course in May 2013.
  4. Conducted An NLP-Based Teacher-Training Workshop at Christ Public School, Kanjangad, Kasargod, Kerala on 20-21 May 2014.
  5. Conducted Gestalt Workshop for Teachers and Professionals at Gurukulam School, Pampady, Kottayam, Kerala on 9 Aug 2014.
  6. Conducted NLP workshops for MBA students at Berchmans Institute of Management(BIMS), St Berchmans College Changanasserry in 2015-16 and 2016-17.
1. ELTAI (English Language Teachers’ Association of India)
  1. Editor, SB Academic Review: A Bi-Annual, Inter-Disciplinary Research Journal (Humanities and Business Studies Edition) with ISSN No 0973-7464
  2. Secretary, Board of Studies English, St. Berchmans College (Autonomous) (2014-2022)
  3. Member, Research Committee, St Berchmans College, Changanacherry
  4. Teacher-in-Charge, Remedial Coaching (English)
  5. Member, ASAP Train The Trainers Team
Current Positions:
  1. Head, Department of English (2023 onwards)
  2. Chairman, Board of Studies English, St. Berchmans College (2023 onwards)
  3. Screening Committee Member, Mahatma Gandhi University (2021 onwards)
  4. Inspection Committee Member, Mahatma Gandhi University (2021 onwards)