Mr. Nithin Varghese

Assistant Professor

[email protected]
Full Name:
Nithin Varghese
Assistant Professor
Mobile Number:
+91 9497669286
Educational Qualifications:
MA, M Phil, Literary Theory (University of Oxford), Phonetics and Phonology (University of Mumbai)
Awards and Achievements:
  1. 2022 - Public History Summer School at the Institute of History, University of Wrocław, Poland.
  2. 2021 - Summer Programme in Japanese Cultural Studies at Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom.
  3. 2021 - Summer School in Concepts, Discourses and Practices of Resilience in the Environmental Humanities at Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), University of Freiburg, Germany.
  4. 2021 - Public History Summer School at the Institute of History, University of Wrocław, Poland.
  5. 2020 - Summer Programme in Japanese Cultural Studies at Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture, University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom.
  6. 2019 - Sakura Science Exchange Programme by Japan Science and Technology Agency, Japan.
  7. 2018 - UGC – IUC Associateship by Indian Institute of Advanced Study (Rashtrapati Niwas), Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.
Area of Specialization:
Middle English Literature, Linguistics, and Literary Theory
Papers Presented:
  1. "Mapping the Sacred: Religion and Violence in Karnad's Dramatic Oeuvre". International Conference on Cosmoliteratures: Thinking Literature and Cosmopolitanism. University of Lisbon, Portugal, 18-20 May 2022.
  2. "Staging the City: Space, Culture and Identity of Bengaluru in Boiled Beans on Toast". The 4th Doctoral Research Conference. The Pontifical University of John Paul II, Kraków, Poland, 05-06 May 2022.
  3. “The Saddest Noise, The Sweetest Noise”: Ruminating on Death in the Poems of Plath and Dickinson”. National Conference on Cosmopoetica: Pushing Verbal Boundaries. St Agnes College, Mangaluru, 06-07 Feb 2020.
  4. “Staging the Dissent: Recuperating History in Karnad’s The Dreams of Tipu Sultan”. National Symposium on Dissent: An Exercise of Heterogeneity, Différance and Existence. Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore, 24 January 2020.
  5. “Poetic Musings of Immigration in Canadian Literature: A Critical Study of the Select Poems of Lakshmi Gill and Surjeet Kalsey”. International Symposium on Crossing Borders of Nations and Self: Migration and Migrant Literature in Theory and Practice. St Agnes College, Mangaluru, 29-30 Jan 2019.
  6. “In Search of Self: A Philosophical Inquiry into the Dialectics of Self in Hesse’s Siddhartha". International Conference on New Perspective in Postcolonialism and Postmodernism in Language and Literature. Bharathidasan College of Arts and Science, Tamil Nadu, 06 Sept 2017
  7. “Representation of the Complexities of Female Experience: A Feminist Reading of Shashi Deshpande’s The Dark Holds No Terrors”. International Seminar on New Feminist Writings: Emancipation to Representation. Pondicherry University, 16-17 March 2017
  8. “Conferring the Aporias: Reinterpretation and Subversion of Sita in Select Poems”. National Seminar on South Asian Cultural Heteroglossia. St Aloysius College, Elthuruth, 09-10 March 2017.
  9. “Traversing the Matrix of Trauma: A Study of A Revathi’s The Truth About Me”. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Literature of the Transgenders. The Ganghigram Rural Institute-Deemed University, 30-31 Jan 2017.
  10. “Defiant Daughters and Heartless Women: Femininity and Representation in King Lear”. National Seminar on Women in Shakespeare: A Rereading. Mother Teresa Women’s University College, Kodaikanal. 25 Jan 2017
  11. “Illustrating the most Inglorious Episode of Communal Acrimony: A Study of Select Partition Short Stories”. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on De and Reterritorialisation of the Third Space: Contemporary Short Stories in English. The Gandhigram Rural Institute-Deemed University, Dec 21-22, 2015
  12. “Invisible Bullets: A Study of Power Play in Girish Karnad’s The Dreams of Tipu Sultan”. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Weaving the World: Themes, Motifs & Methods in Contemporary Theatre. Deva Matha College, Kuravilangad, Feb 26-27 2015
  13. “Akhila’s Journey towards Self-Discovery and Independence: A Feminist Reading 0f Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupé”. National Seminar on Indian English Fiction of The New Millennium. The Gandhigram Rural Institute-Deemed University, Feb 11-12, 2013
Papers Published:
  1. Humphreys, Rebekah, Rhyddhi Chakraborty and Nithin Varghese. "Ethics, Zoonoses and Human-Nonhuman Conflict: Covid-19 and beyond". Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, vol 22, Oct 2022, pp. 69-74.
  2. Varghese, Nithin and Suman Sigroha. "Understanding Rivalry: Staging Jealousy in Karnad’s “Broken Images”. Anglica Wratislaviensia, vol 59, 2021, pp. 37-48.
  3. Varghese, Nithin and John Joseph Puthenkalam. "Experiencing Environment: Ecological Conscience and Discourse in Malayalam Literature". Global Environmental Studies, vol 16, 2020, pp. 1-11.
  4. Varghese, Nithin. “Invisible Bullets: A Study of Power Play in Girish Karnad’s The Dreams of Tipu Sultan ”. Explorations (Seminar Proceedings) Vol 5. Issue 3.1, Feb 2015, pp. 42-53.
Book/ Book Chapters Published:
  1. "Broken Bodies and Gender(ed) Sadism: Contextualising Biopolitics in Gender-based Violence". Women Empowerment: Issues, Prospects & Challenges, edited by Sneha Gopeekrishna et al, Swaranjali, 2020, pp.14-29.
  2. “Cultural Construction of Power: Writing/Narrating Caste and Religion in Naikar's Light in the House". The Nativist Vision of Life in the Works of Basavaraj Naikar, edited by P V Laxmiprasad, Authorspress, 2018, pp. 153-162.
  1. "The Truth is Out There ... But Who Cares? Navigating the Post-Truth Landscape". National Seminar on the Post-Truth Aeon: Liberalism, Propaganda and Alternative Realities at Mount Carmel College, Karukadom, 10 March 2023.
  2. "Ethical Issues in Research". National Level Workshop on Data Analysis and Ethics in Research at Christ College, Pune, 14 February 2023.
  3. "The Semiotics of Reinterpretation and Subversion: Morphing Myth of Sita in Select Poems". Indian Institute of Advanced Study (Rashtrapati Niwas), Shimla, April 2022.
  4. "Psychology of Human Relationships: Reading Jealousy in Karnad’s “Broken Images”. St Aloysius College, Thrissur, 06 January 2022.
  5. "Identifying the Loci of Foucault's Disciplinary Power in Karnad's Talé-Daṇḍa through an Understanding the Trajectory of Caste/Casteism". University of Uppsala, Sweden, 24 June 2021.
  6. “Stories of the Future: From Rockets to WW84”. St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, 16 April 2021.
  7. “Sacred Violence: On Religion and Violence in Karnad’s Plays”. Free Thought: A Graduate/Postgraduate Conference of Philosophical and Religious Enquiry at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter, United Kingdom, 19-20 March 2021.
  8. “Positions, Identities and Ideas: Understanding Literary Theory”. Nirmalagiri College, Kannur, 18 May 2020.
  9. “Refashioning/Revisiting Myth: The Case of Heterogeneity and Subversion in the Ramayana”. Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha, 16 January 2020.
  10. “Green Voices for Environmental Management: Poetic Concerns in Malayalam Literature”. Sophia University, Japan, 14 October 2019.
  11.  “Anglo-Saxon Literature: The Literary and Linguistic Context”. Baselius College, Kottayam, 05 October 2019.
  12. “Histrionics of Imagi-Nation: Reading Karnad’s Theatre”. Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha, 29 July 2019.
  13. “Indian Theatre before and after Independence: Perspectives and Challenges”. GVN College, Kovilpatti. 19 July 2019.
  14. “Exploring the Science behind Science Fiction”, organised by SSA and Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, Trivandrum at St Berchmans College, Changanacherry. 20 January 2019.
  15. “Research for Academic Writing and the Writing Process”. St Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, 12 November 2018.
  16. “Plagiarism and the Use of MLA Style Manual”. Department of Library and Information Science, St Berchmans College, Changanacherry. 18 October 2017.
  17. “MLA Referencing/Documentation in Academic Writing”. Maharajas College, Ernakulam, 29 August 2017
  18. “Theoretical Approaches to Literature: An Introduction”. Assumption College, Changanacherry, 11 August 2017
  19. “The Art and Craft of Academic Writing”. CMS College, Kottayam, 28 July 2017
  20. “Academic Writing and Research Methodology”. Ettumanoorappan College, Ettumanoor, 18 March 2017
Extension Activities:
Sessions Chaired:
  1. “Covid-19 Pandemic and the Worlds of Crises: A Few Observations, Reflections, and Critical Questions”, 5th Annual South Asia Conference, Ireland India Institute, Dublin, 26-29 April 2022.
  2. "Regional Histories", Voicing the Region: The Regional Turn in Cultural Studies, Newman College, Thodupuzha, 12-14 January 2022.
  1. Short Term Course on ICT from 17 May 2021 to 23 May 2021, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
  2. Short Term Course on E - Content Development, from 06 Aug 2020 to 12 Aug 2020, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.
  3. UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in Research Methodology: Tools and Techniques from 07 July to 20 July 2020, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Mizoram University, Aizawl.
  4. UGC Sponsored Refresher Course in English from 24 Sept 2018 to 16 Oct 2018, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, University of Bangalore, Benguluru
  5. 55th Orientation Programme from 07 Nov 2017 to 05 Dec 2017, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, University of Bangalore, Benguluru
  1. Co-ordinator, Centenary Lecture by Slavoj Žižek - "Unholy Alliances Today" on 17 March 2023.
  2. Co-ordinator, Centenary Lecture by Arjun Appadurai - "The Stubborn Resilience of Caste in India" on 10 March 2023.
  3. Co-ordinator, Centenary Lecture by Christopher Norris - "After Rilke: Renderings, Parodies, Rejoinders, and Animadversions" on 09 November 2022.
  4. Course Co-ordinator, iHumanities College of Literary Theory and Philosophy 2021, in collaboration with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David Lampeter, United Kingdom, on 02 July - 31 July 2021.
  5. Course Director, The Berchmans Autumn School of Critical Theory 2020 at St Berchmans College, Changanacherry on 27 Oct – 08 Dec 2020.
  6. International Webinar Series on Stories, Storytellings, Methods: Currents in Vogue in Literature and Culture at St Berchmans College, Changanacherry on 03 Sept – 10 Oct 2020.
  1. Additional Returning Officer, College Union Election (2021-2022)
  2. Member, IQAC - IT-In charge (2019 - 2021)
  3. Member, Berchmans Academic Policy Drafting Committee (2019 - 2021)
  4. IT Associate, Berchmans IT Division - Website Wing (2016 - 2021)
  5. Teacher in charge, Colin Sheppard Memorial Department Library (2019-2021)
  6. Member, Public Relations (2018-2021)
  7. Teacher in charge, English Debate Club (2015-16)
  8. Member, ASAP Train The Trainers Team
  9. Resource Team Member, Mahatma Gandhi University Net Coaching Programme
Current Positions:
  1. Additional Director of Valuations (2019 onwards)
  2. Secretary, Berchmans Academic Policy Drafting Committee (2021 onwards)
  3. Member, Admission Committee (2021 onwards)
  4. Member, Time Table Committee (2019 onwards)
  5. Member, Berchmans IT Division - Website Wing (2021 onwards)
  6. Department Coordinator, IQAC (2023 onwards)