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Social Awareness Programme (SAP)

The Social Awareness Programme is a creative initiative from St Berchmans College that aims to develop socially committed young students. As part of the programme, every first-year degree student should participate a minimum of 50 hours in any of the activities which benefit the society. Students who complete the SAP requirements will receive two extra credits and appropriate grades.

Science Aptitude Developer Programme (SADP)

The Science Aptitude Developer Programme is intended to introduce the joy and power of science to high school students. Students are selected from the schools in and around the Changanassery Municipality, where the college is located. The selected students are introduced to the fascinating world of science through specially designed theory modules and hands-on sessions. The SADP programme is a voluntary team work of the faculty and is headed by a senior faculty from one of the science departments. Visits to laboratories of National and State level institutes, student projects, presentations, and various competitions are also part of the hundred-hour science orientation program. Another important aspect of the program is career orientation. The programme is conducted on Saturdays and public holidays

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA)

The College has registered as a participating institution under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, a flagship program of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. The project aims to contribute to the psycho-social development of five neighbouring villages of the college. The project functions in collaboration with the Social Awareness Program (SAP) of the college.


EBSB@SB is an initiative of St Berchmans College to implement the MHRD Project “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” in the College. The MHRD has initiated a project with the objectives of celebrating our Nation's rich cultural diversity and promoting the spirit of national integration through an engagement between all the States and Union Territories of India. To achieve these goals, each state and union territory in the country has been paired with another state or union territory. The States of Kerala and Himachal Pradesh have been paired together. The programme is being coordinated by the SB Centre for Extension Activities (SBCEA), which is responsible for coordinating extension activities in the College.


Sasthrajaalakam is a science enrichment programme for students of ninth standard funded by SIET, Trivandrum. A three-day residential programme is arranged for selected students from various government and aided schools. During the programme students can visit all science labs in the College and conduct different experiments under the supervision of teachers. Eminent scientists from various institutions and Universities interact with students during this programme.

Navodhakam – The New Water

Navodhakam is an extension programme of the department of Botany. This project aims at eco-restoration and sustained maintenance of the Poovakkatuchira pond in collaboration with Changanassery Municipality. The pond is a nine acre freshwater body situated in the neighborhood of the college. The regular maintenance of the pond and monitoring of the floral and faunal changes is bestowed upon the department by the Changanassery Municipality. On a weekly basis, teams of faculty and students patrol the lake to ensure its cleanliness.


Symbiosis is an outreach programme initiated by the department of Botany. It is a forum where the farmers, students and the faculty interact. The programme is intended to introduce the novel developments in science and technology, especially in the agriculture sector, to the farmers. In exchange, the students and faculty get first-hand information regarding the challenges faced by the farmers and the traditional wisdom they possess. Farmers are given training, and students and faculty members visit the field and interact with the farmers.

Dhwani Audio Library

Dhwani Audio Library is a free audio book library service for students who have temporary or permanent low vision, blindness, or a physical, perceptual, or reading disability that prevents them from using regular print materials. With the assistance of the college administration, an audio library was established. Using the Audacity software, printed books will be converted to audio format, allowing students to listen to them on MP3 players on their mobile phones and laptops. Books converted will be from the prescribed syllabi of St Berchmans College and Mahatma Gandhi University. To avoid copyright issues, permission from the author of the literary work will be obtained before converting it to audio format.

Ottakkalla Koodeyundu @ Kottayam

Ottakkalla Koodeyundu @ Kottayam is a project run by the District Disaster Management Authority of Kottayam District in collaboration with Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), Local Self Government Department, Rural Development Department, Association of Schools of Social Work Kerala (ASSK), and Kerala Association of Professional Social Workers (KAPS) aimed at providing mental health support to those affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The Department of Social Work has collaborated with this program.

Village Adoption Project

The Department of Social Work has adopted the Valummelchira SC Colony. On a regular basis, need-based programs have been organized, with a special emphasis on the empowerment of women, children, and youth.

Field Action Projects Social Work Department

The Department of Social Work has initiated and is running three Field Action Projects that are being implemented through the Field Work Practicum course for the MSW students. The Field Action Projects include: Capacity Building Programme for Parents and Children against Child Abuse Preventive interventions against the Risk Behaviours among Children Empowering Women against the Atrocities.

House Maintenance Project for the Flood Affected Families

The Department of Social Work has completed a house maintenance project to support flood-affected families. As part of the project, six deserving families have received financial assistance for house maintenance as well as other necessary support. Students and faculty members of the Department were actively involved in the assessment for the selection of families, manual labour works for house maintenance and overall coordination of the project. The Department carried out this project with financial assistance from the Indian Social Workers Association of Illinois (ISWAI).

Mathematics Tournament

Since 2012, the Mathematics Tournament has been a major extension activity of the Department, with the goal of popularizing Mathematics among students. The competitions are named after eminent scholars who have served the Department. The programme consists of Prof K E Paulose Memorial Mathematics Quiz for High School students, Prof V S Varkey Memorial Mathematics Quiz for Higher Secondary students, Prof M C Varghese Memorial Intercollegiate Mathematics Quiz, Prof O C Kuriakose Memorial Problem Solving Competition for High School and Higher Secondary students and Poster Presentation for High School students

St Berchmans Centre for Extension Activities (SBCEA)

The College established SBCEA solely to coordinate the outreach activities of the college and to prepare students for the same. It also aims to channel the various resources of the college for the benefit of the surrounding communities. The central tenet of such an initiative is the clear recognition that one of the critical roles of higher education institutions is to connect classrooms outside the walls of the institution to the realities and needs of society.

Promotion of Organic Farming

The Department of Zoology runs an eco-friendly waste management unit that produces vermicompost and promotes organic farming.