HRD Department


The Human Resource Development Department (HRD) is actively involved in the personal as well as the career development of the students. It takes necessary steps in the development of soft skills among the blooming professionals. The department functions include continuous personality development training to students, documentation, project works, liaison with external organisations, personality contest as well as staff development programmes. The placement cell working under the HRD department is a platform for the students seeking a job. Several students got appointed in various companies and banks through campus interviews.

Team Excellence

The event management group of the college are chosen from second-year UG students through a three-tier selection process. Students with strong academic credentials, interpersonal skills, and emotional quotient get to represent the college for all the events throughout the academic year. The group works under the guidance of HRD. The chosen students receive specialized training in leadership, public speaking, and event management. Later, the team is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the various events of the college. For more information, visit:

Luminary Award

The Luminary Award is a coveted recognition given to carefully chosen outstanding final year students every year. Ever since its inception, the award became a much sought after dream of the students. From the very first year of joining the college, students start to hone themselves to reach this crown of glory and appreciation. The luminaries are chosen through a multi-tiered screening process that prioritizes the academics, attitude, social commitment, ingenuity and environmental consciousness of the candidates.


The Human Resource Development Department functioning under the mandate of the college provides extensive professional training to the student community by devising programmes to ensure the holistic development of an individual. The department introduces the student to a wide horizon of opportunities and provides expert advice and training to the students to get their career objectives streamlined. The department generally conducts annual training programmes which are aimed at developing the soft skills of the individual on a primary basis and also provide career-specific training to the students as per the requirements of our recruiters which ranges from production sector, service sector, banking, journalism, information technology, etc.