Dr.Benson Joseph

Assistant Professor

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Full Name:
Benson Joseph
Assistant Professor
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Educational Qualifications:
MSc, PhD
Awards and Achievements:
Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and National Eligibility Test (NET) from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India, June-2014.  
Area of Specialization:
Main group chemistry, Organometallics, Coordination Chemistry.
Papers Presented:
  1. Poster presented on the topic of "Chalcogen Stabilized bis-Agostic Borate Complexes of Cobalt: Analogue of Tetracyclo[,4.03,5]nonane" in Recent Trends in Catalysis (RTC2020) held at NIT Calicut India, Feb 26-29, 2020.
  2. Delivered an oral presentation on the topic of "σ-Borate and Diborolane Complexes of Cobalt Containing Heavier Chalcogen Atoms" in Chemistry in House Symposium held at IIT Madras on Aug 21st, 2019.
  3. Poster presented on the topic of "Chemistry of Triple-Decker Sandwich Complexes Containing Four-Membered Open B2E2 Ring (E = S or Se)" in 16th Boron Chemistry Meeting in the Americas (BORAM XVI) held at Boston College, MA, USA, Jun 26-30, 2018.
  4. Poster presented on the topic of "Metallaborane Mimics of Classic Organometallic Complexes" in Modern trends in inorganic chemistry (MTIC) - XVII held at NCL Pune and IISER Pune, India on 11-14 Dec 2017.
Papers Published:
  1. Joseph, S. Gomosta, R. Prakash, T. Roisnel, A. K. Phukan and S. Ghosh, Chem. Eur. J., 2020, 26, 16824-16832. “Chalcogen Stabilized bis‐Hydridoborate Complexes of Cobalt: Analogues of Tetracyclo [,4.03,5].”
  2. Joseph, R. Prakash, V. Dorcet, T. Roisnel, J. -F. Halet and S. Ghosh, Organometallics 2020, 39, 16, 2942–2946.“Metal Centered commo-Bis(metallaselenaborane): Heterotrimetallic Systems Bearing a Zn(II) Center.”
  3. Joseph, R. Prakash, and S. Ghosh., Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59, 22, 16272–16280. “Triple-Decker complexes of group 9 metals incorporating planar palladacycles [B2E2Pd] (E = S, Se).”
  4. Joseph, R. Prakash, K. Pathak, T. Roisnel, S. Kahlal, J.-F. Halet and S. Ghosh, New J. Chem., 2020, 44, 674-683. “A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study of Bimetallic Bis- and Tris-homocubane Analogues.”
  5. Saha, U. Kaur, S. Kar, B. Mondal, B. Joseph, P.K.S. Antharjanam and S. Ghosh, Inorg. Chem., 2019, 58, 2346.“Trithia-diborinane and Bis(bridging-boryl) Complexes of Ruthenium Derived from a [BH3(SCHS)]- Ion.”
  6. Joseph, K. Saha, R. Prakash, C. Nandi, T. Roisnel and S. Ghosh, Inorg. Chim. Acta., 2018, 483, 106. “Chalcogenolato-Bridged Dinuclear Half Sandwich Complexes of Ruthenium and Iridium.”
  7. Joseph, S. K. Barik, S. K. Sinha, T. Roisnel and S. Ghosh, J. Chem. Sci., 2018, 130:89. “Synthesis and structural characterization of a diruthenium pentalene complex [Cp*Ru{(Cp*Ru)2B6H14}(Cp*Ru)].”
  8. Joseph, S. K. Barik, R. Ramalakshmi, G. Kundu, T. Roisnel, V. Dorcet and S. Ghosh, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2018, 2045-2053.“Chemistry of Triple-Decker Sandwich Complexes Containing Four-Membered Open B2E2 Ring (E = S or Se).”
  9. Joseph, S. Gomosta, S. K. Barik, S. K. Sinha, T. Roisnel, V. Dorcet, J.F. Halet and S. Ghosh, J. Organomet. Chem., 2018, 865, 29-36.“Synthesis and characterization of diruthenaborane analogues of pentaborane(11) and hexaborane(10).”
  10. Saha, B. Joseph, R. Borthakur, R. Ramalakshmi, T. Roisnel and S. Ghosh, Polyhedron, 2017, 125, 246-252.“Chemistry of ruthenium σ-borane complex, [Cp*RuCO(µ-H)BH2L] (Cp* = η5-C5Me5; L = C7H4NS2) with terminal and internal alkynes: Characterization of vinyl hydroborate and vinyl complexes of ruthenium.”
  11. Saha, B. Joseph, R. Ramalakshmi, R. S. Anju, B. Varghese and S. Ghosh, Chem. Eur. J., 2016, 22, 7871.“η4-HBCC-σ,π-borataallyl Complexes of Ruthenium Comprising an Agostic Interaction.”
Research Experience:
  • 07/2021 - 05/2022: Institute Postdoctoral Fellow,Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Hyderabad- 500046, India, on synthesis and chemistry of CAAC stabilized Carbones.
  • 01/2015 – 05/2021: Ph. D. in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute Technology Madras, Chennai, India, under the guidance of Dr. Sundargopal Ghosh. Inorganic chemistry /Metallaborane chemistry, “Synthesis, Structure and Chemistry of Metallaheteroboranes of Group 8 and 9”