Dr.Sam John

Assistant Professor

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Full Name:
Sam John
Assistant Professor
Researcher ID:
ORCID -0000-0002-6652-7468
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Educational Qualifications:
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Awards and Achievements:
  1. Teachers’ associateship for research excellence (TARE) 2023-25 by Science and Engineering Research Board, Govt. of India.
  2. INSA Visiting Scientist Fellowship 2022-23 awarded by Indian National Science Academy.
  3. Junior and Senior Research fellow- Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Govt: of INDIA.
Area of Specialization:
Electro analytical Chemistry, Energy storage, Photoluminescent quantum dots, Corrosion, polymeric coating on metals, Environmental pollution and remedies, Water purification etc.
Research Guidance:
U.O No.2999/AVI/I/RG4862/2016 dated20/05/2017
  1. Zacariah P.M. (Electrochemical Corrosion)
  2. Sumitha Tom (Quantum Dots)
  3. James Baben George (Environmental Chemistry)
  4. Savitha E. V. (Electrochemical Sensor)
  5. Sreelakshmi Rajeevan (Supercapacitor- Co Guide)
Papers Presented:
Presented a paper in one day National Conference on Advances in Green Chemistry and its Applications- Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Sciences, Tamilnadu
Papers Published:
  1. Zachariah PulluparampilMathew, K. Shamnamol, K.P. Greeshma, Sam John, Insight on the corrosion inhibition of nanocomposite chitosan/boron nitride integrated epoxy coating system against mild steel. Corrosion Communications 9 (2023) Pages 36-43.
  2. K.Shamnamol, P. Rugma, Sam John, Jaya Mary Jacob, Unraveling the synergistic effect of cationic and anionic salt on the corrosion inhibition performance of Garcinia gummi-gutta leaf extract against mild steel in HCl medium. Results in Chemistry, 5(2023) 100728
  3. Sreelakshmi Rajeevan, Sam John, Soney C. George Fabrication of High-Performance Symmetric Supercapacitor of Graphene Electrodes by Tuning Their Electrochemical Properties. Journal of Energy Storage 56 (2022) 105919 (IF= 8.907).
  4. Sajini, Sam John, Beena Mathew, Nanostructured Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for the Fabrication of Enantioselective Sorbent and Sensor for L-Phenylalanine Benzyl Ester. Journal of Polymer Research 29 (2022) 509 (IF= 3.061)
  5. Sreelakshmi Rajeevan, Sam John, Soney C. George, Polyvinylidene fluoride: A multifunctional polymer in supercapacitor applications Journal of Power Sources 504 (2021) 230037(IF= 9.719)
  6. Sreelakshmi Rajeevan, Sam John, Soney C. George, The effect of poly (vinylidene fluoride) binder on the electrochemical performance of graphitic electrodes. Journal of Energy Storage 39 (2021) 102654 (IF= 8.907).
  7. Manuja, Tintu Thomas, Sam John, Joshy Jose, Gijo Jose, Electrochemical characterization of orthorhombic tungsten trioxide hydrate for battery applications. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 869 (2021) 159234(IF= 6.371).
  8. Sam John, Keerthi Rajan, Zachariah Pulluparampil Mathew, Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel Using Biodegradable Polymer Poly (2-Ethyl -2-Oxazoline) Heliyon 6 (2020) e05560(IF= 3.776).
  9. Sajini, Sam John, Beena Mathew, Rational design and tailoring of imprinted polymeric enantioselective sensor layered on multiwalled carbon nanotubes for the chiral recognition of d-mandelic acid. R.Sc Polymer Chemistry 2019, DOI: 10.1039/C9PY01003C (IF= 5.364)
  10. Sajini, Sam John, Beena Mathew, Tailoring of photo-responsive molecularly imprinted polymers on multiwalled carbon nanotube as an enantioselective sensor and sorbent for L-PABE. Composites Science and Technology 181 (2019) 107676 (IF= 8.879)
  11. Sam John, Alfeena Salam, Anju Maria Baby, Abraham Joseph, Corrosion inhibition of mild steel using chitosan / TiO2 nanocomposite coatings. Progress in Organic Coatings 129 (2019) 254 (IF = 026)
  12. Rugmini Ammal P, Anupama R Prasad, Ramya K, Sam John, Abraham Joseph. Protection of        mild       steel        in       hydrochloric        acid         using methyl benzimidazole substituted 1, 3, 4-oxadiazole: computational, electroanalytical, thermodynamic and kinetic studies. Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 33(20) (2019) 2227-2249
  13. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Sajini T, Ajith James Jose, Corrosion inhibition properties of 1,2,4-Hetrocyclic Systems: Electrochemical, theoretical and Monte Carlo simulation studies. Egyptian Journal of Petroleum. 26 (2017) 721. (IF= 638)
  14. Sam John, R. Jeevana, K.K. Aravindakshan, Abraham Joseph, Corrosion inhibition of mild steel by N(4)-substituted thiosemicarbazone in hydrochloric acid media. Egyptian Journal of Petroleum. 26 (2017) 405–412. (IF= 638)
  15. Sam John1 Abraham Joseph Mathew Kuruvilla, Sajini T, Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion using Chitosan–Polyvinyl Alcohol Nanocomposite Films by Sol–Gel Method: An Environmentally Friendly Approach. J Bio Tribo Corros. 3 (2017) 3 (IF= 31).
  16. Mathew Kuruvilla, Anupama R. Prasad, Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Enhanced Inhibition of the Corrosion of Metallic Copper Exposed in Sulphuric Acid Through the Synergistic Interaction of Cysteine and Alanine: Electrochemical and Computational Studies. J Bio Tribo Corros. 3 (2017) 5 (IF= 31).
  17. Mathew Kuruvilla, Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Electroanalytical Studies on the Interaction of L-Serine-Based Schiff Base, HHDMP, with Copper in Sulphuric Acid. J Bio Tribo Corros. 2 (2016) 19 (IF= 31).
  18. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Ajith James Jose, B. Narayana, Enhancement of corrosion protection of mild steel by chitosan/ZnOnanoparticle composite membranes. Progress in Organic Coatings 84 (2015) 28–34. (IF= 026)
  19. Sam John, Mathew Kuruvilla, Abraham Joseph, Adsorption and inhibition effect of methyl Carbamate on copper metal in 1 N HNO3: an experimental and theoretical study. RSC Advances. 3 (2013) 8929 (IF= 036).
  20. Sam John, Mathew Kuruvilla, Abraham Joseph, Surface morphological and impedance spectroscopic studies on the interaction of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) with mild steel in acid solutions. Res Chem Intermed. 39 (2013)1169 (IF= 3.134).
  21. Mathew Kuruvilla, Sam John, Abraham Joseph Electrochemical studies on the interaction of L-cysteine with metallic copper in sulfuric acid. Res Chem Intermed. 39 (2013) 3531 (IF= 134).
  22. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Corrosion Protection Properties of 4-[(E)-[(2,4-Dihydroxy phenyl) methylidene] amino]-6-methyl-3-sulfanylidene- 2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1,2,4-triazin- 5-one [DMSTT] Toward Mild Steel in Sulfuric Acid. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance. 22 (2013) 483 (IF= 819).
  23. Sam John, Abraham Joseph. Effective inhibition of mild steel corrosion in 1 M hydrochloric acid using substituted triazines: an experimental and theoretical study. RSC Advances. 2 (2012) 9944. (IF= 036).
  24. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Electro analytical, surface morphological and theoretical studies on the corrosion inhibition behavior of different 1,2,4-triazole precursors on mild steel in 1 M hydrochloric acid. Materials Chemistry and Physics. 133 (2012) 1083 (IF= 4.778).
  25. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Electro-analytical and Theoretical Investigations of the Corrosion Inhibition Behavior of Bis-1,2,4-Triazole Precursors EBATT and BBATT on Mild Steel in 1 N HNO3. ACS Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 51 (2012) 16633 (IF= 4.326)
  26. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Electroanalytical studies of the corrosion-protection properties of 4-amino-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3,5-dimethanol (ATD) on mild steel in 5 N sulfuric acid. Res Chem Intermed. 38 (2012) 1359 (IF= 3.134).
  27. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Adsorption, Surface Morphological, and Electrochemical Studies on the Inhibitive Properties of 4-(N, N-dimethylaminobenzilidine)-3-mercapto-6- methyl-1, 2, 4-triazin (4H)-5-one (DAMMT) on Mild Steel in 5 N H2SO4. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 33 (2012)1097. (IF= 1.701).
  28. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Quantum chemical and electrochemical studies on the corrosion inhibition of aluminium in 1N HNO3 using 1, 2, 4-triazine. Materials and Corrosion. 9999 (2012) 9999. (IF= 097).
  29. Sam John, Abraham Joseph, Theoretical and electrochemical studies on the effect of substitution on 1, 2, 4- triazole towards mild steel corrosion inhibition in hydrochloric acid. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology. 19 (2012) 195. (IF= 614).
  30. Sam John, Mohammed Ali, Abraham Joseph, Electrochemical, surface analytical and quantum chemical studies on Schiff bases of 4-amino-4H-1, 2, 4-triazole-3,5-dimethanol (ATD) in corrosion protection of aluminium in 1N HNO3. Bull. Mater. Sci. 34 (2011) 1245. (IF= 1.783).
  31. Electrochemical, quantum chemical, and molecular dynamics studies on the interaction of 4-amino-4H,3,5-di(methoxy)- 1,2,4-triazole (ATD), BATD, and DBATD on copper metal in 1N H2SO4. Materials and Corrosion. 2011, 62, (2011) 11. (IF= 097).
  32. Sam John, Bincy Joseph, K.V. Balakrishnan, K.K. Aravindakshan, Abraham Joseph Electrochemical and quantum chemical study of 4-[(E)-[(2,4-dihydroxy phenyl) methylidine] amino]-6-methyl-3-sulphanylidine-2,3,4,5-tetra hydro-1,2,4-triazin-5-one [DMSTT]. Materials Chemistry and Physics. 123 (2010) 218–224 (IF= 778).
  33. Sam John, Bincy Joseph, K.K. Aravindakshan, Abraham Joseph Inhibition of mild steel corrosion in 1M hydrochloric acid by 4-(N, N-dimethylaminobenzilidine)-3-mercapto-6- methyl- 1,2,4-triazin(4H)-5-one (DAMMT) Materials Chemistry and Physics. 122 (2010) 374 (IF= 4.778).
Book/ Book Chapters Published:
  1. Polymer Nanocomposites in Supercapacitor, Soney C George, Sam John, Sreelakshmi Rajeevan, CRC, 2021
Books Chapters
  1. Nanocellulose-Based Polymer Composites for Energy Applications. Sam John, Sreelakshmi Rajeevan, Greeshma KP and Soney C George Elsevier - 2022
  2. Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Volume 1: Mathematical and Analytical Techniques, T. Sajini, Beena Mathew, and Sam John, CRC,
  3. Applied Physical Chemistry with Multidisciplinary Approaches, Ajith James Jose, and Sam John, CRC Press, 2017.
  4. Advanced Polymeric Materials: From Macro- to Nano-Length Scales, Ajith James Jose, Vinu Varghese, Sam John, CRC Press,
National Seminar on “UV, IR and Microwave Spectroscopy” Organized by the Department of Chemistry, St. Teresa’s College Ernakulam on 14/08/2018
  1. National level Faculty Development Programme on Advanced Science and Technology, in Collaboration with PMMMNMTT, Central University of Kerala, 3/09/2021 to 18/09/2021, PMMMNMTT, Central University of Kerala
  2. UGC- Sponsored online Refresher Course in Chemical Sciences
  3. Online Refresher Course in Chemistry for Higher Education Faculty SWAYAM.
  1. Biomass-Derived Carbon Dots for High-Performance Supercapacitor (Under Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE))– SERB 2022-2025 (PI- major Project Ongoing).
  2. Self-healing properties of metal oxide nano particle–polymer composite coatings for protection of aluminum alloys against corrosion in sea water (Funding Agency: University Grants Commission (UGC) (Rs. 4.90 Lakhs) 2015-17, Principal Investigator.
  1. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER TVM)
  2. Amal Jyothi College of Engineering
  • DST-SERB Sponsored International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (ICAFM- 2018) @9-9/10/2018.
  • National level Faculty Development Programme on Advanced Science and Technology, in Collaboration with PMMMNMTT, Central University of Kerala, 3/09/2021 to 18/09/2021, PMMMNMTT, Central University of Kerala
  1. Peer Review- 20 journals
RSc of Chemistry
Doctoral Committee member of MG University and APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University.
Assistant Chief Superintendent of Examination