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College Library

The library houses the best collection in the whole of the university. The entire library is omputerized and contains 137617 books, 230 journals & magazines and 6000 back volumes of journals. The library has been modernized with IT aided learning and accessibilities with INFLIBNET and other online databases like PROVES, CAPITALONLINE and EBSCOHOST etc. The OPAC uses kiosks for searching the library collections. It provides input to the EDUSAT programme of the Kerala Government.
  • Fr John Joseph
  • Prof Joseph Kurien
  • Fr Reji P Kurian
  • Fr John J Chavara
  • Mr Josy Joseph
  • Fr Jose George
  • Dr Roy Joseph
  • Mr Johnson K Joice
  • Dr Shijo Sebastian
  • Mr Subin Joseph
  • Dr Shine C Mathew
  • Mr Anishmon K A
  • Dr John T Kocheril
  • Dr Joseph Job
  • Dr Babu Michael
  • Dr Vidya Vijayan
  • Mrs Yamuna P B
  • Mr Martin Thomas
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