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Research Centers

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is the pioneer of Chemistry education in Kerala as one of the biggest departments of all the colleges in Kerala with two under graduate programs, three post graduate programs, MPhil program and PhD in different areas of study, which is a blend of basic science courses, applied science courses and vocational courses. It hosts 17 permanent faculties and three adjunct faculties. The major areas of research in the department are Materials Science, Polymer Chemistry, Synthesis and Technology, Environment Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Theoretical and Computational chemistry and Chemical Physics.

We have published about more than 150 papers in various Scopus indexed journals and books. We have several MOU’s signed between different industries and research universities for research collaborations and industrial partnership.

Research Guides

Research Guides Area of Research Contact
Dr Tomlal Jose E Materials Chemistry Nanomaterials +91 9447145098
[email protected]
Dr Bejoy Francis Polymer Blends and Composites +91 9447466310
[email protected]
Dr Cyril Augustine V Computational Chemistry +91 9656298630
[email protected]
Dr Sam John Electrochemistry +91 9497303625
[email protected]
Dr Ajith James Jose Polymer Science +91 9847559522
[email protected]
Dr Seno Jose
Assistant Professor
Government College Kottayam
Polymer Science 94474 56425
Dr Jissy Mathew
Associate Professor
Assumption College
Environmental Sciences 9496115701
Dr Nayana Joseph
Assistant Professor
Assumption College
Dr K C Philip (Retd.)
Dr E J Mathew (Retd.)

PhD produced

Sl.No Name of the PhD scholar Year
1 Aby Santhosh Aprem
2 P V Joseph
3 Mercy Iype
4 Maris Idikula
5 P.C. Thomas 2010
6 Shaji Joseph 2010
7 Tomlal Jose E 2010
8 Sherly Annie Paul
9 Shaji P. Thomas
10 Jayanarayanan K
11 Kannan M
12 Marykutty C.V.
13 Saritha A Pillai
14 Hanna J Maria
15 Arya Anil
16 Sreedhanya


Sl.No Name of faculty Title of project Period Funding agency Amount
1 Dr.Sam John Self-healing properties of metal oxide nanoparticle – polymer composites coating for protection of aluminium alloys against corrosion in sea water 2016-2018 UGC 4,60,000
2 Dr. Sam John
(Student Project)
Synthesis of chitosan/PVA composite membrane for corrosion inhibition properties of mild steel in acid medium 2016-2018 KSCSTE 12,000
3 Dr.P. C. Thomas Development of synthetic polymer blend nanofibers for specific applications 2016-2018 UGC 4,00,000
4 Dr.Shijo K. Cherian Polysaccharide based nanofibers for functional applications. 2016-2018 UGC 4,90,000
5 Dr. Renchu Scaria Synthesis of Conjugated Organic Materials for Electronic Applications 2015-2017 UGC 4,40,000
6 Dr. Tomlal Jose E
(Student Project)
Marine Polysaccharide Nanofibers for Drug Delivery Applications Feb. 2017 KSCSTE 11,000
7 Sajini T Fabrication of Enantioselective Chiral Sensor Using Molecular Imprinting Approach (Minor) 2015-2017 UGC 3,75,000
8 Dr. Tomlal Jose E Production of cellulose acetate nanofiber for the removal of heavy metals 2019 10,000/
9 Benny Thomas Synthesis and reverse hydrolysis of dipeptides using immobilised chymotrypsin. 2018-2019 8,500
10 Tomlal Jose E Natural Fibre Reinforced Ecofriendly and Recyclable Commingled Composite Systems 2012-15 KSCSTE Rs. 15.15 lakhs
11 Tomlal Jose E Application of Nanofibers and Nanofilms based on Polymethacrylates and Polycarbonates 2012-15 UGC Rs 9.5 lakhs
12 Tomlal Jose E Preparation, Characterisation and Applications of Nanomaterials Based on Zirconia and Tin Oxide 2009-11 UGC 95,000

Research Facilities

  1. MPhil Lab with Equipment like AAS, GC, Electrochemical workstation
  2. Polymer Technology Lab with Two Roll Rubber Mixing Mill, Hydraulic Press, Internal Mixer
  3. Research Lab with Electro spinning Machine, Brookfield Viscometer
  4. B Voc Lab with UTM, Impedance Analyser
  5. Computational Chemistry Research Lab
  6. Department Library cum Reading Room