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SB College

Berchmans Counselling Centre

The College has a full-fledged counselling centre with two full time professional counsellors. Of the two, one is a lady counsellor who takes care of the girl students. It is compulsory that all the students should consult the counsellor at least once in the academic year. This centre helps the students tackle emotional, familial, psychological, social and campus related problems. The centre promotes the formation of mutual help groups among students for helping and motivating other students not only for their academic development but also for their personality development. Apart from counselling activities, the counsellors co-ordinate the activities of the women cell, conduct life guidance seminar, medical camp and various awareness programmes in the campus. As part of outreach programme, the counselling centre organizes visit to different NGO’s, juvenile homes, orphanages etc.

Co Ordinator:

Dr Teddy C Anthapai

Counselling Team:

  1. Mr Nobin Babu
  2. Mrs Dona Mary Joseph