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AQAR is the mandatory report to be sent to the NAAC every year; these reports, when consolidated, will form the Self-Study Report (SSR) for re-accreditation

College is due for re-accreditation in September 2018, after getting extension of the validity of accreditation for two more years. This page contains the AQAR reports which will be taken into account for the up-coming fourth cycle of re-accreditation.

Please click on the images below to access the respective report.

AQAR 2012-13

This the AQAR Report for the year 2012-13, the first report for the fourth cycle of reaccreditation.

AQAR 2013-14

AQAR 2013-14, the third report for the fourth cycle of re–accreditation (in the new format)

AQAR 2014-15

​AQAR of 2014-15, the fifth report before the next re-accreditation.

AQAR 2015-16

AQAR of 2015-16, the fifth AQAR before the fourth cycle of reaccreditation