Common Instrumentation Facility

The common instrumentation facility was built using the assistance provided to the college by UGC making it as a College with Potential for Excellence. It started functioning in 2007. Teachers and research scholars from all science departments use the facilities for their research activities. Analytical instruments available in the laboratory are:

1. UV – Visible spectrophotometer (Scanning range: 190 – 900nm)

2. LCR meter (Frequency range: 40Hz – 5MHz)

3. Fluorescence spectrometer (Range: 200 – 800nm)

4. Fluorescent Trinocular microscope

Other facilities available are:

1. Ultrasonic bath

2. Electronic balance

3. Magnetic stirrers

4. Hydraulic press

5. Soxhlet extraction apparatus

Instrumentation Centre in charge:

1. Dr K E Abraham (Director)

2. Dr K C Philip

3. Mr Philip Litto Thomas

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