Dr. Pavanam Thomas

Assistant Professor

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Full Name:
Pavanam Thomas
Assistant Professor
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Educational Qualifications:
• Ph.D. in Economics (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, 2023)
• JRF Fellow (Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, 2019)
• M.A. Economics (Mahatma Gandi University, Kerala, 2016)
• B.A. Economics (Mahatma Gandi University, Kerala, 2014)
Awards and Achievements:
  • Junior Research Fellowship from UGC
  • First position in M.A. Economics (KNRC, Mahatma Gandi University)
Area of Specialization:
International Trade, WTO and Globalization
Papers Presented:
  • Pavanam Thomas & Shaijumon C S (2019), “India China Bilateral Trade and Economic Relations” in the International Conference on ‘Engaging the Rising China: Strategic Options for the Emerging India’, Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala 15-16 March, 2019.
  • Pavanam Thomas Presented a paper on “Consumer Perception of Online Shopping : A case study in Kottayam Muncipality” in National Seminar on Kerala’s Development Oxymora (March 18-20, 2016) organized by Mahatma Gandi University, KNRC & ICSSR.
  • Pavanam Thomas presented a paper, “Atmanirbhar Bharat : A New Version of make in India” in the International Webinar “Resurgent India : Make in India to make for the world organized by Baselious College co sponsored by Mahatma Gandi University, Kottayam (April 16-17, 2021)
Papers Published:
  • Pavanam Thomas, Shaijumon C S (2022), "An Empirical Evaluation of the Seafood Exports in the Post-WTO Regime from India and Kerala", International Journal of Social Science Studies, Vol 10, No.4,
  • Pavanam Thomas, Shaijumon C S (2022), "TBT Stipulations and Stakeholder Responses: Repercussions in the seafood sector of India and the tuning up process in the State of Kerala", Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, Vol 13, No.10, May 2022,
  • Pavanam Thomas, Shaijumon C S (2020), "Consumer Perception of Online Shopping in Kerala", International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Vol 6(9), pp:47-57, September 2020.
  • Pavanam Thomas, Shaijumon C S (2020), "Indo-China Trade Relationship: Trends, Structure and Composition", Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, Vol 8(7), pp:66-73, July 2020,
  • Pavanam Thomas, The    Impact   of  WTO   on the  Pepper   Economy   of Kerala : Challenges And Prospects, Volume 04,   Issue 03,   Year: 2018,   Pages:20-25, Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, ISSN : 2395-6968
Book/ Book Chapters Published:
  • India and Africa Economic, Commercial and Development Engagement: A Regional Analysis, ISBN: 9788194646594, Published: 2020
  • India and West Asia Economic and Commercial Linkage ISBN: 9789390785469, Published: 2021
  • NSS Program Officer 2021-23
Current Positions:
  • Mentor - I MA Economics
  • President, Economics Association