Dr.Soni Scaria

Associate Professor

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Full Name:
Soni Scaria
Associate Professor
Mobile Number:
Educational Qualifications:
M.Sc. M.Phil, M.Ed., Ph.D., FLS
Awards and Achievements:
  • 2014-17: Associateship, Indian Institutes of Advanced Studies, Shimla
  • 2008-2011: TEAGASC Scholarship, UCD, Ireland
  • 1996: Junior Research Fellowship (NET), UGC, New Delhi,
  • 1992: Junior Research Fellowship (NET), CSIR, New Delhi
  • 1991: II Rank in the M.Sc. Degree Examinations of Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • 1989: II Rank in the B.Sc. Degree Examinations of Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • 1989: University Merit Scholarship, Mahatma Gandhi University.
Area of Specialization:
Plant physiology
Papers Presented:
  • Early Photosynthetic Performance Of MaizeSubjected To Low Temperatures, 15th International Congress On Photosynthesis, Beijing, 2010.
  • Cold Hardiness Of The Photosynthetic Performance Of Forage Maize Varieties Of  Ireland In Early Spring, A climate For Change-Opportunities For Carbon Efficient Farming, Dublin 2010
  • Studies On The Morpho-Physiologic Response Of Temperate And Tropical Maize To Cold Stress, Irish Plant Scientists Association Meeting, Dublin 2010
  • On The Pedagogy Of Environmental Education. In: Proceedings Of The Refresher Course In Environmental Science. M.G. University, Kottayam 2002
  • Optimisation Of Biolistic Parameters For The Transformation Of Indica Rice Using Transient GUS Expression.  Seminar On Molecular Approaches To Crop Improvement, (Sponsored By The Department Of Biotechnology, Government Of India) C.M.S. College, Kottayam 1997.
Papers Published:
  • Soni Scaria and G.M. Nair, 1996.  Amylases as indicators of organogenesis in the callus cultures of Solanum torvum, Swartz – SB Academic Review, 5: 77-80.
  • Soni Scaria 1999 Winged Bean: the wings that carry away malnutrition S.B. Academic Review ISSN:0971-9431  Vol. X, pp. 77 – 80
  • Renosh T.V., Antony V.T, and Soni Scaria. Baseline studies on the impact of weedicide spraying in some homesteads of Kerala. S.B. Academic Review, Vol. X, pp. 67 – 75, 2002
  • Salvy Thomas, Stephen Joseph and Soni Scaria. Natural Anti Obesity Agent in Garcinia Gummi-Gutta - An Endemic Species of Southern Western Ghats. Ind. J. Bot. Res. 2008. Vol. 4 (1): 65 – 68
  • Mulakupadom S.S., Otero S., Lanigan G., Osborne B. (2013) Photosynthetic Performance of Maize Subjected to Low Temperatures. In: Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future. Advanced Topics in Science and Technology in China. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
  • Gloria Maria Winnie, Suji Anna Varghese, Febiya Anna Fedin, & Soni S. Mulakupadom. (2018). A study on the photomorphogenic response of Amaranthus viridis L.during de-etiolation of seedlings. RESEARCH REVIEW International Journal of Multidisciplinary, 03(10), 219–222.
  • Febiya Anna Fedin, 2Suji Anna Varghese, 3Gloria Maria Winnie & 4Soni S Mulakupadam 2019, A Study On The Photomorphogenic Response Of Black Gram And Horsegram Seedlings During De-Etiolation Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research Volume 6, Issue 1 190–195.
  • Suji Anna Varghese, Gloria Maria Winnie, Febiya Anna Fedin, Soni S Mulakupadom 2019, Studies On The Photomorphogenic Response Of Rice And Ragi Seedlings During De-Etiolation International Journal of Research and Analytical ReviewsVolume 06, Issue 1 7–10.
Book/ Book Chapters Published:
  • Soni Scaria, (Undated). Green glossary (Book section), Indian Agricultural Directory. Rashtra Deepika Ltd. Kottayam.
  • Soni Scaria and Joseph Job (Eds). 1999. Proceedings of the National Seminar on Floriculture in Kerala. St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry.
  • Current trends in biosystematics2013Prakash Publications ISBN 978-81-924-5799-
  • 2005: Refresher Course in Environmental Awareness, Himachal Pradesh University,
  • 2004: Refresher Courses in Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University,
  • 2002: Refresher Course in Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University,
  • 1999: Orientation course Mahatma Gandhi University
  • 2014-17, Co-ordinator, Strengthening Science Education At Undergrad Level Under Star College Scheme, DBT INDIA Direct Cost:1NR 54 Lacs
  • 2014 Coordinator WED popular lecture KSCSTE INR 20000
  • 2014 Coordinator Expert Committee of YS  in the area of Life Sciences Direct Cost:DST 1NR 4Lacs
  • 2013 Co-ordinator conference on plant systematic KSCSTE KERALA Direct Cost :1NR 80000
  • 2008, Co-ordinator, ‘entry into services coaching programmes St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry. UGC INDIA Direct Cost:1NR 10Lacs
  • 2004-2007Co-PI, , Ex situ conservation and propagation of endangered plants in and through the Botanical Garden, St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry. MOEF INDIA, Direct Cost:1NR 4.5Lacs
  • 2001-2008 Asssistant Co-Ordinator, Vocation Education Programme in biotechnology St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry UGC INDIA Direct Cost:1NR 17Lacs
  • 2002-03Organizing secretary, Patent awareness workshop DST, India Direct Cost:1NR 43000
  • 1999 – 2000 Organizing secretary, National Seminar on Floriculture in Kerala UGC and KSCSTE KERALA Direct Cost:1NR 30000
  • Reviewer, 2014 process biochem
  • Reviewer, 2002, Biology Textbooks, NCERT, New Delhi.
  • Editor, 1998 – 1999, Folia Berchmansia,The Popular Science Journal of the Department of Botany, St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry.
  • Member, Linnaean Society,London,
  • Member, International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR)
  • Member, American Society For Plant Biology
  • Member, Postgraduate Board of Studies in Botany, Mahatma Gandhi University 2014-16
  • Member, Academic Council,C.D,Dublin 2010-11
  • Councillor, Doctorates of the College Of Life Sciences C.D Students Council,2010-2011 Post graduate representative, School of biology and environmental science, U.C.D,2009-2010
  • Co-ordinator, 2005-2008 SCIENCE APTITUDE DEVELOPER PROGRAMME programme St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry
  • Value education teacher, 1998-2008, St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry.
  • Conductor, 1993-2007, Entry into higher education teaching research services coaching programmes: Mahatma Gandhi University, Sree Sankara University and Berchmans’ College
  • Secretary 2000-2001,Staff Association, St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry
  • Editor in-charge, 2000 – 2001, Newsletter, St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry
  • Executive member, 2000 - 2001 Alumni Association, St. Berchmans’ College, Changanacherry
  • Auditor, Non-European Students Society, UCD, 2010-11
  • Co-ordinator, 2004 – 2005,Youth Parliament of Mahatma Gandhi University for Ministry Of Parliamentary Affairs,
  • Advisor, 1999 - 2000Nature Club ( WWF, India) Institutional Responsibilities