Dr.Aravind K

Assistant Professor

[email protected]
Full Name:
Aravind K
Assistant Professor
Mobile Number:
8714308357. 9447926610
Residence Phone Number:
Educational Qualifications:
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Awards and Achievements:
  • Visiting Faculty at IIRBS MG University, Kottayam (2020 - Present)
  • Best Nodal Officer 2020 for virtual lab
  • 1st Rank in MSc and BSc chemistry, 2nd rank in CISR-JRF
  • JNCASR Summer Research Fellow under Dr. G. Mugesh, IPC, IISc, Bangalore, 2005.
  • Numerous Awards for securing First rank in M. Sc (2007) and B. Sc (2005) in Chemistry.
  • Best outgoing student from Sacred Heart College, Thevara, 2007.
  • Best outgoing student from The Cochin College, Cochin, 2005.
  • Best All-Rounder from The Cochin College, Cochin, 2005.
  • (Recent trends in chemistry-national seminar at Baselius college, Kottayam)
  • National Seminar on “Novel Synthetic Routes in Organic Chemistry” at St.Berchmans College, Changanassery (Oct 14 and 15. 2011).
  • Chemical research society (CRSI , 2010) meeting held at NIIST, Trivandrum.
  • Photochemical research society (PRSI, 2010) meeting held at NIIST, Trivandrum.
  • Foundation for Capacity Building in Science (2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010) held at NIIST, Trivandrum.
  • National Seminar Series in Chemistry (2008) held in the Sacred Heart College, Thevera.
Area of Specialization:
Photochemistry, Computational Chemistry and Organic Synthesis
Papers Presented:
  • Poster presentation at India international science festival 2019 - west bangal
  • Compuational Investigation of HDACs and its interaction studies with caffeic acid derivatives
Aravind K, Binumol Balan , Ardhra Gopal Recent Advances in Spectroscopy, 31 July and 1 Aug 2014 National conference MA College, Kothamangalam
  • Design, synthesis and study of some novel ruthenium complexes as sensitizers in dye sensitized solar cells
Aravind K, Suresh Das, Ratheesh KV National Seminar on recent Trends in Chemistry : 6 and 7 Nov 2014
Papers Published:
  • Amidoxime modified PAN supported palladium complex: A greener and efficient heterogeneous catalyst for heck reaction
Pambingal Rajan Sruthi , Vijayalekshmi Sarika,  Arya Suku, Aravind Krishnan, Saithalavi Anas Inroganica Chimica Acta 2019, 510, 119742-50 Impact 2.54
  • Theoretical studies of squaraine and functionalized 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole molecules for solar cell applications
M Gayathri, Aravind Krishnan, Beena James, Pears Augustine and Manoj P Materials Today Proceedings 2020 , 33, 1268-73 Impact : 1.24
  • UV-responsive glycosomes as frameworks for FRET: The quest for bio-inspired energy transfer systems
SajithMenon, Aravind Krishnan , T.E.Jose, Smitha Roy JPPA 2020, 405,112927-35 Impact : 4.29
  • Anthracene ased phototunable polymer with excimer emission
SajithMenon, Aravind Krishnan, Smitha Roy JPPA 2020 , 406,112990-96  
Book/ Book Chapters Published:
Book Chapter
  • Comutational modelling and theoretical designing strategies for the design of chiral recognition sites using molecular imprinting technology
T Sajini, Aravind Krishnan, Beena Mathew Advanced Polymeric Materials : Chapter 10 , 2020
  1. Invited Talk at Muthoot institute of technology and science  1 Feb 2022
  2. Association inauguration at BK College Amalagiri on 24 January 2022
  3. Invited talk in International seminar on Engrossing trends in chemistry 1-3 Dec 2021
  4. Invited Talk on The Oxygen Story: 21 sept 2021 SNCC
  5. Invited talk on Popular science lecture series Searching for the unknown 15 july 2021- St George college, Aruvithara
  6. Invited talk on Schrodingers kittens o 6 july 2021at TM Jacob memorial college, Manimalakunnu
  7. Word Environmental day celebration June 5 2021 Praanavayu (Maharajs college)
  8. Chemistry Association Inauguration (St Alberts College, Ernakulam) January 2021
  9. Invited Talk Maharajas College Ernakulam 2nd January 2021
  10. Kauthuruthi district Education for gifted children (13 oct 2020)
  11. Invited Talk on National Webinars in Frontiers of Speectroscopy- Dept of Chemistry Govt College, Madappally 5th oct 2020
  12. Invited Talk by Science People Lightways New Delhi , 27 Sept 2020
  13. Resource person and Judge of KSCSTE Students Science Congress 19 sept 2020
  14. Invited talk NSS College Manjery 15th August 2020
  15. Invited Talk SN College Nattika 7th August 2020
  16. Invited talk at Assumption College Cgy, 23 june 2020
  17. Invited Talk at UC College, Aluva 20 may 2020
  18. Invited talk at St Xaviers College, Thumba 11 may 2020
  19. Invited Talk at BCM College, Kottayam 11 may 2020
Extension Activities:
  1. Invited Speaker Essense Club (for science popularisation to public) Elan 2017 Oru Gulikayude kadha- drug delivery
  2. Invited speaker for NSS Camp Chambakkara
  3. Invited Speaker Essense Club Brain storm 2018 – Kumbidi effect- a talk on quantum mechanics
  4. Invited Speaker Essense Club Ignite 2018 – Dvithiya shakthikal – seconday forces
  5. Invited Speaker Essense Club Esentia 2018 – Thermodynamics niyamangalilude
  6. Invited guest and Leader for march for science organised by breakthrough society
  7. Invited Speaker Swathanthralokam 2018 – samamithi- symmetry
  8. Invited Speaker Essense Club kannur– Daivathinte Basha- genetics
  9. Invited Speaker Essense Club Brain storm 2019 – Kumilakal- Bubbles
  10. Invited Speaker Essense Club Esentia 2019 – Chila Jurassic chinthakal
  11. Invited Speaker Swathanthralokam 2019 – Oxygen
  12. Invited Speaker sparks 2019 – Radioactivity
  13. Invited talk for Kauthuruthi district Education for gifted children (13 oct 2020)
  14. Invited Talk by Science People Lightways New Delhi , 27 Sept 2020
  15. Content Contributor to ASAP KERALA- ELECTRONIC SPECTROSCPY Sem 5 MG University
  16. content writer for science popularisation in Science Way and Sasthrapadam
  • UGC MRP February 2013-2015 on topic HDAC as potential targets for histone de acetylae.             Amount Rs  200000/-
  • Research in at SB College Changanacherry resrarch centre (MG university), Under the Guidance of Tomlal Jose , Senior Assistant Professor , Department of Chemistry, SB College, Changanacherry.
  • Three years research experience as Junior and Senior Research Fellow at NIIST,CSIR, Trivandrum, under the guidance of Suresh Das, Director, NIIST in the topic “Dye Sensitised Solar Cells”,(2008-2011).
  • Awarded the prestigious Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India in December 2006. ( CSIR-JRF, National fellowship for carrying out research, selected through an all India competitive examination).
  • Upgraded to Senior Research Fellow (2010) form JRF
  1. Dr S Anas, Director, IIRBS, MGU Kottayam
  2. Dr Jubi John, Senior Scientist, NIIST Trivandrum
  3. Dr Manoj, Associate Professor, Applied Chemistry CUSAT
  4. Dr Krishnan Namboothiri, Associate Professor, Computational engineering and networking, Amritha University, Ettimadai.
  1. Coordinator, Centerinary Lecture series, Dept of Chemistry
  2. Assistant Coordinator- Online Refresher course on advanced functional materials (PMMMT)
  1. 5th Sem BSc Chemistry programme Topic: Electronic Spectroscopy, ASAP Kerala
OSDD, Kerala SashtraSahithyaParishad, Essence Club
  1. Elected Member of Staff Council (2021- present)
  2. Internal Exam coordinator - department Representative
  3. Staff association- department Representative
  4. NSS Programme Officer 2011-14
  5. Walk With Scholar Mentro 2016-19
  6. Chairman and additional examiner
  7. Question paper setter on other universities
  8. Nodal Officer Virtual Lab
  9. Cordinator Quiz Club
  10. Member - Arts Club
  11. Member BELS
  12. Department Representative Science Club