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Department of Business Administration

The Business Administration Department of S B College focuses to improve the quality of management education by developing new initiatives with the purpose of advancing scholarly activities primarily through collaborative research, training and related skills, research dissemination and other creative endeavours.

The department has been upgraded as the Research Centre of Mahatma Gandhi University for Management Studies via order no.1107/AC A 6/2020MGU dated 28.02.2020. The Research Centre will facilitate Research Scholars (Full time and Part-time) registered for Ph.D. to carry out research on the subject approved by the University leading to the Ph.D. degree

Research Guides

Research Guides Area of Research Contact
Dr Mathew Joseph Management +91 9495188768, [email protected]
Dr Siby Joseph K Management +91 9447249214 [email protected]
Dr Babu Michael Management +91 9495195684 [email protected]


Sl.No Name of faculty Title of project Period Funding agency Amount
1 Mr. Binsai Sebastian Effective Disbursement of Agriculture Credit by the Public Sector Banks for the Development of Agriculture in Kottayam District UGC 100000/-
2 Dr. Siby Joseph K Critical Evaluation of Management Schools in Kerala-Contemporary Issue UGC 100000/-
3 Dr. Mathew Joseph Analysis on the practice of employee Involvement – A Component of total quality Management among the manufacturing organizations in Kerala UGC 89000
4 Mr. Babu Michael A Study on farmers perspectives Regarding insurance sector in Kottayam District UGC 50000/-