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Research Centers

Department of Botany

The Department of Botany was established in 1927 under Madras University. Over the years it has become a full-fledged department with graduate and post graduate courses in Botany.  Department became an approved research centre of Mahatma Gandhi University in 1986 (The department of English has been part of the tradition of St. Berchmans since its inception. However, it became a full-fledged department only when B A English was started in 1964. M A English Language and Literature was started in 1967. Department recognized as an approved research centre of Mahatma Gandhi University in the year 1985 (University Order No. AC A2 (1) 504/85 dtd. 20/12/1985). The Department is presently recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India under the FIST program. The Department has identified various thrust areas of research viz. Plant systematics, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Seed Physiology, Environmental Sciences, Plant Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Steps are under way to start a fully-fledged laboratory in phytochemistry to give impetus to medicinal plant research.

Research Guides

Research Guides Area of Research Contact
Dr. Scaria K Varghese (Rtd.) SB College Plant Tissue Culture [email protected], 9447279384
Dr. Francis Mathew, Assistant Professor, St Thomas College, Ranni. Phytochemistry [email protected], 9188721423
Dr. V T Antony (Rtd.) SB College Angiosperm Taxonomy [email protected], 9447810122
Dr. Salvy Thomas Plant Reproductive Biology, Seed Technology, Phytochemistry, Plant Tissue Culture [email protected], 8281518439
Dr Anil Kumar
Associate Professor
NSS Hindu College

PhD produced

Sl.No Name of the PhD scholar Year
1 V. T. Antony 1990
2 George Pulickan 1994
3 Shaji Philip 1997
4 Vinod Kumar T.G 2004
5 Joseph John K 2005
6 Aniamma Thomas 2005
7 Eapen P Koshy 2008
8 Pramod Kumar N 2009
9 Valsala Kumar N 2009
10 Jitesh Krishnan 2009
11 Jojo George 2010
12 George K J 2010
13 Roy Y. C 2011
14 Varghese M C 2013
15 M A Joseph 2013
16 Sunil Kumar 2013
17 Jessy Kurian 2013
18 Shaju S 2013
19 K Ajayakumar 2013
20 Jaison Joseph 2014
21 Mejo Jose 2016
22 Sheemol M S 2017
23 Kala K 2017
24 Asha Saji 2017
25 Alka E Varghese 2017
26 Ambili P 2018
27 Salvy Thomas 2018
28 Aneesh Babu V B 2018


Sl.No Name of faculty Title of project Period Funding agency Amount
1 Systematic studies of flora of Kottayam BSI Coimbatore 88,000
2 Establishment of regional herbarium,Kerala. UGC 2,02,000
3 Income generation by floriculture IGSSS 4,00,000
4 Study of protein profile of different cultures of Psophocarpus tetragonolobus and it’s varieties KSCSTE, Thiruvananthapuram 1,70,000
5 V-E in Biotechnology UGC 2,34,000
6 Impact of tourism on the hydrobiology of Periyar lake, Thekkady, Kerala. UGC 4,60,000
7 COSIP UGC 2,00,000
8 Ecogeography and genetic diversity of Momordica Linn. Western Ghat KSCSTE Thiruvananthapuram 82,000
9 Identification,propagation and documentation of underutilized ornamental plants of Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala UGC 72,000
10 Studies on pollination biology. Micropropagation and hairy root culture of RotulaacquaticaLour. A rare riparian medicinal plant for conservation and sustainable utilization. UGC 1,50,000
11 Dr Joseph Job Production of glucose tolerant β-glucosidase from microbes UGC 80,000
12 Dr Soni Scaria DBT STAR College DBT 18,00,000
13 Dr Joseph Job BIRD KSCSTE Thiruvananthapuram 5,00,000

Research Facilities

  1. Plant Biotechnology and Tissue Culture Lab
  2. Plant Systematics lab
  3. Sophisticated Instrumentation Facility (SIF)
  4. Regional Herbarium Kerala (RHK)
  5. Algal Culture Lab
  6. Environmental Science Research Lab