St Berchmans Centre for Extension Activities

St Berchmans Centre for Extension Activities (SBCEA) is an umbrella body which coordinates all the extension activities of various units of the college. The centre was initiated in 2010, availing a fund of 1.5 lakh rupees from the CPE grant of UGC.

  1. Dr Job Joseph (Co-Ordinator)

  2. Dr K C Philip

  3. Fr Teddy C Anthapai

  4. Mr Aravind K

  5. Dr Roy Joseph

  6. Dr Biju George

  7. Dr Antony Mathews

  8. Dr John T Kocheril

  9. Dr K E Abraham

  10. Mr Joychen Manuel

  11. Dr Joseph Skariah

  12. Mr Ajai Jose

  13. Dr Ullas Thomas

  14. Dr Martin J Babu

  15. Mr Johnson K Joice

  16. Dr Jolly K James

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