Instructions for applying scrutiny /revaluation





  1. Undergraduate students can apply for revaluation / scrutiny of answer books / photocopy of answer books within 15 days after the publication of the result on payment of required fee
  2. There is no provision for revaluation of answer books of postgraduate courses. However, the candidate can apply for scrutiny and photocopy of their answer books within 15 days after the publication of the result on payment of required fee
  3. Online application shall be submitted through the student portal of college website as instructed below
    1. Logon to the student portal through the College website ( /KnowledgePro/ and follow the instructions provided to complete the online application process. Username and password to login will be same as that used for the registration of examination. 
    2. Download the Chalan for fee payment and pay the required fee in the college office (aided programmes)/COC(SF programmes) before the last date.
  4. The original marks/grade points awarded to a candidate will be modified to that extent, in cases where the Marks awarded after first revaluation is below 15 % of the maximum Marks.
  5. If the increase in Marks on the first revaluation is greater than or equal to l5% of the maximum Marks of the paper/course, a second revaluation shall be conducted. After the second revaluation, the average of the nearest two Marks from the three valuations ie, the original valuation, first revaluation and second revaluation, shall be awarded to the candidate.
  6. If the difference between any two Marks of the above three valuations happens to be the same, the average of the highest two Marks shall be awarded to the candidate.
  7. The Marks after first revaluation or the average after second revaluation happens to be less than the original Marks, the original score will stand.
  8. Scrutiny of answer script provides opportunity to the candidates :-
    • To identify their valued answer scripts of
  1. b) To check the correctness of the addition of marks awarded to the various answers
  2. c) To check whether marks have been awarded to all the answers.


  1. Any request after the dates stipulated will not be entertained.


Fee for revaluation/scrutiny /photocopy of answer books

Revaluation of answer scripts           : Rs 350/- per course/answer script.

Scrutiny of answer scripts                  : Rs.140/- per course/answer script.

Photocopy of answer scripts              : Rs.500/- per course/answer script.

Cost of registration process               : Rs 25/-


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