Memorial Lectures

Prof. S Abraham Endowment Lecture

(a) 1997  Dr. T Thrivikraman               
Fuzzy Mathematics
(b) 1998   Dr. Babu Joseph Fractal Geometry
(c)   1999    Dr. N Unnikrishnan Nair Mathematical Modeling
(d) 2000   Dr. P V Joseph Climate Forecasting
(e) 2001 Dr. N Unnikrishnan Nair Vedic Mathematics
(f) 2002 Dr. Jacob Thomas IAS Mathematics in everyday Life
(g) 2003 Justice K T Thomas Mathematics in Judiciary
(h) 2004 Dr. B Iqbal Information Technology
(i) 2005 Shri. Philip John Mathematics in informationTechnology
(j) 2006     Dr. Anilkumar Applications of statistics in space
(k)      2007          Dr. C J thomas                                         Mathematics in Management
(l) 2008  Dr. Ancykutty Joseph                     A Learner Friendly Approach in teaching mathematics
(m) 2009  Dr. K K Jose                                   Stochastic Modelling and applications
(n) 2010      Dr. Apren T J       Transforms and its applications
(o) 2011 Shri. Tom Mathews                      Actuarial Science
(p) 2012 Dr. M Thamban Nair                    On use of functional analysis in numerical integration
(q) 2013  Dr. Achuthsankar S Nair Visual Mathematics
(r) 2014 Dr. Mathew Joseph   Random Walks and electric Networks
(s) 2015 Dr. Rajesh Prakash Earthquake: Mathematics of seismic wave propagation
(t) 2016 Dr. T.R Ramadas   Geometry and Arithmetic of plane cubics


Prof. M T Kurian Lecture Series in foundations of mathematics

 (1) 11/12/2014 Dr. E Krishnan Mathematical  Modelling
(2)  02/02/2015  Dr. Abu Sebastian, IBM Zurich Exploration in nanoscale Science and engineering
(3) 20/08/2015 Dr. Madhavan Namboothiri   Ordinals
(4)   05/02/2015 Dr. Sunil Mathew Mathematics and Nature
(5) 02/07/2016 Prof. P J Joy    Number Theory
(6) 09/02/2017 Dr. Martianus Frederic Ezerman   Introduction to Coding Theory
(7) 10/02/2017 Prof Ayman Badawi  Zero divisor graphs
(8) 14/02/2017 Dr. G Indulal  Algebraic Graph (spectral) Theory


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