‘Thare zameen par’

– An innovative programme of the department in which former students of the department pursuing PhD or PDF in India and abroad, with various scholarships, are invited to the department to interact with the students and the students are encouraged to make contacts with the scholars.

‘Gurusmarana Lecture Series’

– An annual lecture series in which the lecture is delivered by a reputed alumnus of the department.


– A unique extension programme of the department where the faculty and students interact regularly with the paddy farmers of a nearby group farming paddy field called ’Pattithanam-Njarakkakary Padasekharam’.


–The department is instituted the following alumni Sponsored Scholarships,


No. Name of the Scholarship
1 Dr. T. S. Raghavan, FLS, FRAS, Memorial Scholarship
2 Mr. Thomas Kattapuram Memorial Scholarship
3 Mrs. Aleykkutty Mammen Endowment Scholarship
4 Peringattu Shri C. Joseph Memorial Scholarship
5 Dr. Aravind Babu Endowment Scholarship
6 Prof. O. J Kuruvila Memorial Scholarship

Research Expertise

Projects undertaken by the department so far


No. Project title Funding agency Investigators Period Amount
1 Systematic studies of flora of Kottayam BSI Coimbatore
Prof.Fr.Antony Kadavil
1983-86 88,000
2 Establishment of regional herbarium,Kerala. UGC
Mr.Sunny Mathew
1986-89 2,02,000
3 Income generation by floriculture IGSSS
1997-99 400,000
4 Study of protein profile of different culturesof
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus
 and it’s varieties
Dr.Philip John
Dr.Scaria KVarghese
2001-05 1,70,000
5 V-E in Biotechnology UGC Prof.JosephTitto 2001-05 2,34,000
6 Impact of tourism on the hydrobiology of Periyarlake ,Thekkady,Kerala. UGC
2002-05 4,60,000
7 COSIP UGC Prof.JosephTitto 2002-05 2,00,000
8 Ecogeography and genetic diversity of Momordica Linn. KSCSTE Dr.V.T.Antony 2003-05 82,000
9 Western Ghat Thiruvananthapuram Dr.Joseph John K    
10 Identification,propagation and documentation of underutilized ornamental plants of Kottayam and Idukki districts of Kerala UGC Dr. V. T. Antony 2007-09 72000/-
11 Studies on pollination biology. Micropropagation and  hairy root culture of RotulaacquaticaLour. A rare riparian medicinal plant for conservation and sustainable utilization. UGC Dr. V. T. Antony 2011–13 150000/-
12 Production of glucose tolerant β-glucosidase from microbes UGC Dr. Joseph Job 2012 -14 80000/-

(Research Publications for 2009-2014)

1. A new species of the genus Premna L. (Lamiaceaea) from Western Ghats of India. KonickalMambettaPrabhu Kumar, Thrivikraman Sunil Kumar, VilluvattathuSreeraj, Binu Thomas, Indira Balachandran and Valiyaparampil Thomas Antony, , Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Geography, vol 68, pp 127-131. (2013)
2. Streptococcus pygenes – Life threatening Agent in school going children,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Biomedicine; 32(1) pages 141-142. (2012)
3. Sudorification: Tribal treatment for psoriasis, Kerala State, Thiruvananthapuram, K Ajayakumar  and VT Antony SB Academic Review, vol.18, pp 117 – 121. (2012)
4. Occurrence of Saunter method of natural propagation of RotulaaquaticaLour and prevailing anthropogenic threats in habitats SB Academic Review, vol.18, pp 101 – 107. (2012)
5. Malassezia furfur- a major causative agent of Dandruff among Adolescents,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Biomedicine; 31(3) pages 427-428 ( 2011)
6. Ethnobotanical investigations among the Ulladan tribes of Alappuzha District in Kerala state, India,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Journal of economic and taxonomic Botany. 35 no. 3.Pages  449- 454. (2011)
7. IpomeaPes-Caprae(L.) Rr.ssp. Pes-Caprae, A plant that wards off evil spirits, in the magico religious believes of Ullada Tribes of Alapuzha District, Kerala,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Research Lines (ISSN 0975-8941) Vol. 4 No. 2 Pages 125 – 128. (2011)
8. Some Sacred Plants Used by Namboodiri Brahmins for Worship and Medicine,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Research Lines (ISSN 0975 – 8941), Vol. IV, No. I-B, Pages: 19-25. (2011)
9. A new variety of Crotalaria assamica (Fabaceae – Papilionoideae), from the Western Ghats,India,   Dr. V. T. Antony, Rheedea ( ISSN 0971 – 2313 ) Vol. 21No. 12. Pages  153 -156. (2011)
10. Verbena bonariensis L. (Verbenaceae)- An addition to Flora of  Kerala,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Research Lines. Vol. IV, No. I-B,  (ISSN 0975 – 8941). (2011)
11. Ethnobotanical investigation among the Ullada Tribes of Alappuzha District in Kerala State, India,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany. Vol.35(3) Pages 449-454. (2011)
12. Diversity of woody species in the Medicinal Plant Conservation Area (MPCA) of Silent Valley National park, Kerala,  Mr.Salvy Thomas, BIODIVERSITY Vol. 12 No. 2.  97- 107. 2011
13. Ipomoea obscura (L.) Ker-Gawl. – awondrous plant against infertility, in the traditional medicine of Ullada tribes of Alapuzha district, Kerala. M.A. Joseph, T. Sunilkumar and V. T. Antony. Journal of Economic and Taxonomic BotanyVol : 35.No : 4. Pp 639 – 641 (2011).
14. Expression and functional analysis of two Osmotin (PR5) isoforms with differential antifungal activity    from Piper colubrinum: Prediction of structure – function relationship by Bioinformatics approach. Tomson Mani, K. C. Sivakumar and S. Manjula. Molecular Biotechnology DOI 10.1007/s/12033-011-9489-0 (2011)
15. Neanotisindica (DC) Lewis Var. Deltoidea(Wall.Ex Wight and Arn.) Lewis  (Rubiaceae – Hedyotideae) : A new record for Kerala,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Indainjouranal of forestery. Vol : 33 (1) No 113 – 114. (2010)
16. The Magic RelifVitexnegundo L. Practiced by Ullada tribes in Alappuzha District of Kerala State.Dr. V. T. Antony, Journal of Economic and Taxonomic BotanyVol : 34.No : 4. (2010)
17. A Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Momordica L ( Cucurbitaceae) in India,  Dr. V. T. Antony, Indian journal of plant Genetic Resources Vol: 23 No: 2. (2010)
18. Pollen Cryopreservation feasibility studies in Momordicadioica and M. Sahyadrica,  Dr. V. T. Antony, The IUP Journal of Genetics and Evolution. Vol : 3 No; 4.  (2010)
19. Production of a highly glucose tolerant β-glucosidase by PaecilomycesvariotiiMG3: optimization of fermentation conditions using Plackett-Burman and Box-Behnken experimental designs,  Dr. Joseph Job, World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, vol. 26, no.8, pp. 1385–1391, 2010.
20. Studies on the stem galls of  Osbeckialowsoni  Linn,  Dr. Joseph Job, SB Academic Review, vol.17, pp 8 – 16 , 2010
21. Seed science and technology for conservation of medicinal plant species,  Mr.Salvy Thomas, National seminar on conservation and sustainable utilization of red listed medicinal plants of Western Ghats of India (2010)
22. Optimization of Agrbacterium mediated transient gene expression and endogenous gene silencing in piper colubrinum Link. By vacuum infiltration. Tomson Mani and S. Manjula. Plant cell tissue and organ culture.  DOI 10.1007/s11240-010-9836-z. (2010).
23. Cloning and characterization of two osmotin isoforms from Piper colubrinum. Tomson Mani and S. Manjula. Biologiaplantarum. 54 (2) 377 – 380 ( 2010 ).
24. Antiinflammatory and analgesic of Erythrinaindica Lamb. VE Rajeev, PG latha, GI Anju, Vj Shine, S. Shyamal, NM Krishnakumar, P. Shika, J. Liji and S. Rajasekharan. Medicinal Plants 2 (3) 229 – 231. ( 2010 )
25. Arbuscularmycorrhizal fungi and Piriformosporaindica individually and in combination with Rhizobium on green gram. JG Ray and N. Valsalakumar. Journal of plant nutrition 33,285 – 298. ( 2010 )
26. Calcium accumulation in grasses in relation to their root cation exchange capacity. JG Ray and KJ George. Journal of agronomy pp 1-5. (2010)
27. Lead in soil and tolerant herbs on roadsides in search of the metal accumulation pattern in diverse species JG Ray and Jojo George, International journal of applied environmental sciences vol. 5 no. 2 pp 227-244. (2010)
28. Tuber morphology, germination behaviour and propagation efficiency in three wild edible Momordica species of India, Joseph John K, Antony V. T, Jose Marydas, Karuppya, Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 2009
29. Collection and preliminary evaluation of small bittergourds (Momordicacharantia l.) a relict vegetable of southern peninsular India, Joseph John K and Antony V. T, Genetic resource and crop evolution. 56: 99-104 (2009)
30. Tropical rain forest vegetation climate and sea level during the Pleistocene in Kerala, India. AnjumFarooqui, J G Ray, S. A Farooqui, R K Tiwari, Z A Khan. Quarternary international pp:1-10 (2009)
31. Physiochemical environmental complex of a commercially exploited tropical fresh water system within a wild life sanctuary, Kerala, India. J G Ray, J Krishnan, K S Unni and V Sobha. ISSN 1726-1112.2009.T.20 No 324
32. Phytosociology of the roadside communities to identify ecological potentials of tolerant species. J G Ray and Jojo George. Journal of Ecology and natural environment. Vol 1(5) pp: 184-190 (2009)
33. Experiments with Rhizobium isolates on growth and productivity in Green Gram. J G Ray and Valsalakumar. ISSN 1726-1112.T.20.No 3-4 (2009)

Students Bay

Current student strength: –

UG =185
PG = 71
Total = 256

Our Alumni: –

Positioned at various prestigious research and academic institutions,

Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII)
Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI)
Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute (TBGRI)
Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI)
Rubber board
Coconut board
National bureau of plant genetic resources (nbpgr)
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