College Crest


The College Crest has four quarters, divided by the Greek Cross. The Dove represents the Holy Spirit, who according to Christian belief, enlightens and sanctifies. The Fleurdelis (Flower of the Lily) stands for purity. The two coconut trees are symbol of Kerala, the land of coconut palms. The waves are suggestive of the location of the College: the meeting point of land and backwaters. The open book at the centre of the Greek Cross is the symbol of wisdom. The dove, the fleurdelis, and the open book together suggest the ideals the College places before its students.

Our coat of arms bears on top the motto of the College in Latin: “Caritas Vera Nobilitas.” Its Sanskrit equivalent “ ” is inscribed on the banner below the shield. The motto means that charity or love of one’s fellowmen is true nobility.

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