Aims and Objectives

1. In keeping with the educational mission of the Universal Church, the Archdiocese of Changanacherry founded St. Berchmans College in 1922. Ever since its inception, the College has played an effective role in the sphere of higher education, with unflinching loyalty to the noblest Christian ideals, and sparing no pains to preserve the highest academic standards.

2. Upholding the spiritual commitment of the Church, the College seeks to build up young men and women who will strive for excellence in every field. Through all possible means, the College aims at imparting the best formation as well as information to its students.

3. The college works hard to develop the spritual, moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic powers of its students so that they may be good citizens useful to themselves and to their fellowmen.

4. The College was established to give Catholic youth the benefits of higher education through a congenial Catholic environment. The College still fulfills this aim, working within the framework of the rules and regulations of the Government and the University, which do not offend the rights of the Minority Communities guaranteed in the Constitution of India. It is owned and managed by
the Archdiocese of Changanacherry, and caters primarily to the Catholics of the Archdiocese. The College also offers its services to members of other Christian and Non-Christian Communities.

5. True to the spirit of justice and equality of opportunity enshrined in the Constitution, the College tries to encourage higher education among the weaker and socially handicapped sections of the

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